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Friday, December 22, 2006

White Christmas

"I'mmmmmmmmmmm dreaming of a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite Christmas......." Woo, it's me, Dave. One of Mom and Dad's biped friends said, after meeting me and getting to know me a little bit, that I remind her of Dean Martin. She said I'm so laid back like he was and she could just picture me singing my low "woo" with a martini in my hand. Hmm. I'm not sure about what a martini is, but my very sweet friend Frankie has been known to sip Sibe-tinins! Maybe they're like that! And I could picture myself with one of the pretty girls like Frankie or Holly (sigh....) or Chelsea or ... (I better stop before I accidentally leave somepuppy out and hurt somepuppy's feelings!) singing this song! ALL of the DWB girls are so bee-woo-tiful, aren't they, guys?

I do love to sing. Here's one of Mom's favorite pix of me singing. You can almost hear me, can't you? She says I have a very nice singing voice.This next picture (below) is Zim singing. He sings a little higher than I do - and actually before he started his classes at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies, he sounded like a coyote. He still does sometimes. Poor kid - he learned to sing from them while he was out chained to his tree, no doubt. He still sings like that sometimes; other times, he immitates Storms. Woo. I'm pretty sure he was singing "Angels We Have Heard on High" here... but I'm not sure. He does look mighty angelic!

Merry Christmas and luv,

"Oh, there's no place like Nome for the holidays...."


  1. There are four of you so do you sing in four part harmony? We bet that sounds great!
    We hope you get snow for Christmas. If it gets cold here, we will try to send it your way. We will settle for a nice cool 55 or 60 degrees.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. Yes, we do, Dachsies! Mom and Dad love it when we break into song!
    Roxie... do you sing? Maybe we could do a duet!

  3. Merry Pupmas to everyone, and Dave... I've got my eye on you!


  4. Merry Christmas guys, to you and your family - I hope 2007 is full of lots of bones and treats :-)


  5. Dave,
    Dean Martin was more more wobbly than you.
    He liked his martinis.


  6. Dave,

    You look so adorable singing! I bet you have a great voice too! You should have your human record you some time. Our human has all of us singing along with Uncle Fester at the beginning of Adamas Family 2, when he is howling at the moon. For some reason, it always gets Monty going, and then we all have to chime in with him. If my human was smarter, she figure out a way to put it on my blog.

    Unfortunately, she's a human, and we all know humans are stupid.

    Your Malagal,


  7. Anonymous12:27 AM

    My stupid cousin Pharoah sings along with the Bad Boys song on the cop show. It's a riot. I'm not a singer myself so I'll just enjoy the music you guys make.

    Mom said she's been to Nome and it's not exactly where you want to be for the holidays, LOL.

  8. oh Dave, yes, you are the Dean Martin of the Pup World, definitely! Jeannie just adores Deano, we have him playing a lot in this house.

    I don't know what a Martini is either, but last night I had a lick of some sweet sherry.....oooooh think I have a taste for that now!

    Merry Christmas to you all and your Mama and Papa, I am so glad I have met such handsome Pups via our Blogs.

    Love and Christmas Sherry licks from Marvin xxxxxxx

    And love from Jeannie toooooo, wooooo! Keep on Wooooooing Dave and Company!

  9. We love to sing too. We try to go caroling on walks, but our silly humans seem to thin the neighbors would not enjoy our woos. Merry Christmas!

  10. Meeshka: Merry Christmas to woo, too. And I'm sure you're only keeping an eye on me 'cuz you LIKE me! Woo.

    Opy: Merry Christmas to woo, Charlie and your bipeds, too!!!

    Chelsea: I was wobbly after my visit from the Tooth Fairy -- is that what martinis do?

    Hollybollyboo: I'll have to see if mom will record us! She did once, but there were too many extra sounds so you couldn't hear us well enough.

    Zach: Does Nome have snow?

    Marvin: I heard Dean-O singing on your blog. I can see why Betsey thinks I sound like him! Merry Christmas to you, my fellow poet - to you and Jeannie and your daddy!

    Magnum: If WE were your neighbors, we'd not only LOVE your carolling, we'd go with you!

    Merry Christmas and luv,

  11. oh my those are some great singing pictures. mom is listening to something called the beach boys right now, how ironic to see you snow guys singing but hearing the beach boys!