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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Salute - Luna, Kito & Timber!

This week's Sunday Salute goes out to our friends Luna, Kito & Timber!
We've posted once before about Luna and Kito - our friends in Miami, Florida. They're extremely cool red and white Sibes who also have a very large, huggable black and white bear of a brother, Timber! Timber's blind, but that doesn't stop him from doing anything. We wonder ... would a blind dog have a Guide Person? Hmm... we'll have to ask him.
Anyroo........ why salute these great friends of ours? Because they made it snow in Miami! Seriously! And they did it without a Weather Control Device! (Not that ours has brought us any snow...!) Kito told Zim: the weather report on Saturday did not call for snow, but we did get some of the only snow you’ll ever see in Miami!

Here's Kito, resting before the storm hit:

And here's Luna:They seem unaware of what's about to hit! But it's coming! A snow storm! Or as Kito said, the only snow you'll see in Miami!

Wait! Wait! Here it comes! It's the Miami snow storm! Check out this picture of Timber!!! The snow is all around him!
Ha roo roo roo! It's a Siberian snow storm!! :)

We have a feeling Luna had something to do with the "snow storm". Check out this next picture of her:

Hee hee hee!

Yeah..... Luni and Ammy are two peas in a pod! :)

Luna, Kito and Timber ... congratulations on making it snow in Miami! We salute you!

The Army of Four

PS: Note from Amber: I loved your joke, roo guys! Sorry about the Sibe Pluck-Fest! Brushes are evil! ;)


  1. Ha roo roo roo! Sibe jokes are the best!

    (I think we forgot to congratulate you on your Sibe Blog of the Month. Congrats from all of us!)

  2. Great joke guys.

    the D'Azul Siberians

  3. Ooh, you almost had me there. I thought it really did snow :)

  4. Even I know it can't snow in Miami, good joke!! When my Samoyed brother was alive we could make it snow in AZ too.

  5. Hey guys,

    Good salute to your buds in Miami. Snow there is no small feat.

    Here's a special message for Amber: I think you're pretty dreamy too. If you want to see some more of me, here's my web site. http://www.umich.edu/~rqueen/Pets/hamish.html. Do you have more pictures of you on the web too?

    Hamish Braeburn Moy

  6. Hey Cheeto!
    Nice straight leg you got there! Remember how you freaking your human woman out when you had the gimpy leg and had the surgery? WOOOOO! Those were some good Husky times


  7. Great salute Ao4! We might have to resort to that sort of "snow" here pretty soon if we don't get some REAL snow before too long!


  8. Fargo: I think so TOO! :) And thank roo, it's an honor to be following in your paw prints.

    D'Azul Sibes: Aren't those guys funny?

    T-man: Ha roooo! :)

    Joey: Oooh, I'll bet a Sammy would make a LOT of snow! :)

    Hamish: You are SO sweet! :) Most of the pix of me are on the blog - but there are also some on my dogster page! http://www.dogster.com/dogs/177530 I like your page very much!

    Meeshka: You have a good memory! Doesn't Kito look GREAT?!!?

    Holly: Us, too! Only ... ohh, I don't LIKE to get brushed!