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Monday, December 18, 2006

We're in the HULA Hoop!

We're in! Tail wags, puppers, it's Stormy!

We're in the HULA Hoop! We got our certificates from Meeshka yesterday - one for each of us! Even Dave. (ha roo roo roo!)

For details on our qualifications, please visit Meeshka's blog from yesterday.

We have proudly added a small representation of our certificate in our sidebar area; we hope our fellow HULA Hoopers will follow suit.
In an email, Meeshka told us,
"Congratulations (although I have higher expectations of you four of doing MUCH MORE), you have been inducted in the HULA Hoop. Please print out 4 copies, one for each of you, and I better see a picture of Dave ripping his certificate apart... he still makes me wonder."

Meeshka, I've been wondering about Dave since he GOT here! :) But I like him. I can't help it. I'll see what I can do about pix of him destroying something!

As I told Meeshka about Dave's rather unusual-for-a-Sibe personality, "...he's a LABRADOR wearing a Siberian costume!" During his last Senior Care Exam, Mom actually ran that theory by the new vet Dave had - while he was falling asleep as they took his blood pressure. (eye roll) He's SO laid back! As I told Meeshka, "She (the vet) said he was more like a Great Dane. Dave got all excited, thinking she said he was a 'Great Dave'." Puh-lease! He is a heck of a nice guy, though.

In the spirit of our induction into the HULA, I thought I'd treat you to one of my favoritie pictures of me - it's from a couple years ago.
Ha roo!

THANK ROO, Meeshka! We hope to make you proud!

Tail wags and Merry Christmas!


  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    AO4, i want to put my HULA certificate on my sidebar too! how do i do it? congrats on neing in the hoop! i am not sure i really qualified, but maybe there is a special category for doglets?!

  2. Hey A04! Contrats on being part of the HULA Hoop! I better get our requests in soon. I'm pretty sure we all qualify except for Kona, cuz he's a lot like Dave. VERY laid back. But, that's what makes him such a great therapy dog. Maybe you could get Dave into therapy work!


  3. Ooh, congratulations you four!! I guess you don't have to be a huskie to join, do you? I think I might qualify (I knocked over the garbage twice in the last two days). Will membership require actual work and training? That may interfere with my nap schedule.

  4. Us little ones could always start the Poodle Order of Police (POOP). We could provide security to the army. Poodles can be fierce fighting machines when provoked.

  5. oh congratulations you Four! And Dave, I am half Labrador, I recognise your personality traits! So much like me!

    love and many licks from Marvin x

    and love from Jeannie with the Severed Thumb.......typing is agony but just ignore her moans!

  6. Hershey! It's great to be in such good company! And congrats right back to you! I'm sure Meeshka wouldn't have approved your membership if you weren't highly qualified. Are you on beta? If so, it's easy to add the certificate to your sidebar! Just go to template layout, then on the right - click on add a page element. Select "picture" from there, then upload your cert! Make sure you check the "shrink to fit" box! That's all there is to it! Good luck!

    Holly: Thanks! You definitely have to email Meeshka your qualifications. Dave a therapy dog? Hmm. Maybe he needs therapy. Ha roo roo roo! Just kidding. There's a sweet story I've got to share sometime about him and a 90+ year old lady from the assisted living place near us.

    T-man: Thanks! If naps were out, Dave never would have gotten in - trust me! Meeshka has 7 points to qualify; check out her blog! "POOP"? Ha ROO! I like that one! I like it a lot!

    Marvin: Thanks! And what's with Jeannie's thumb? I need to head over to your blog!

    Tail wags, pups!

  7. Oh Stormy, we know you're not really a humbugger!

    Bussie Kissies

  8. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Thanks!! It worked!! YEAH!

  9. Congrats! We have not applied yet. What if she turns us down? We will be the laughing stock of DWB! Maybe we can get some members to vouch for us ...

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  10. Congratulations Stormy!

    You look like a hula girl...

    with all due respect


  11. Oh.. that's a great lookin cert. Congrates. Cute pic of you Stormy

    ~ fufu

  12. Joey: Thanks, pal!

    Buster: You're right - I'm not. I think that's why the pic is so funny!

    Hershey: Glad it worked! It looks great on your blog!

    Dachsies: Thank roo! And I don't think anypup would laugh at you! And we'll vouch for you! Make sure you mention the "Barking at Cowdogs" video - that's GREAT!

    Chelsea: Ha roo roo roo! Amber can't stop giggling over your "hula girl" comment. :)

    Fu Fu: Thanks!

    Tail wags!