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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sunday Salute - Everypuppy!

It's Christmas Eve, and in keeping with the special time of year, our Sunday Salute goes out to everypuppy!

We know you've all been trying your hardest to behave - especially since Santa is watching! Have you been naughty... or nice?

Naughty or nice? Naughty or nice? Ha roo!

We ALL know the answer to that is that pups can't be anything BUT nice! You've been SO good ALL year..... and our wish is that Santa will leave JUST the right presents for you under your tree! To all of our friends out there in Cyberland (and especially Siberland) - may Santa treat you well!

A lot of you know Zim and Dave are going to try to wait up for Santa again this year. They'll be following his travels through the NORAD site doing their best to stay awake. Here's a picture of Dave from yesterday. Mom was trying to get a shot of one of the pillows she made:

Hmm. Maybe he's front-loading some Z-time again. Here's a better picture of the pillow with Stormy:It reads,

"God bless our soldiers night and day,
keep them safe while they're away."

Remember to say a prayer of thanks for those who serve in the military tonight - whether you're fellow Americans, our closest allies from Austrailia or the UK, Canadians, ETC! ..... wherever you live, there is someone out there serving to guard your freedom!

For being good ALL YEAR, we salute all of our fellow pups!

Merry Christmas!
The Army of Four

PS: We hope Santa reads this.... so he knows how GOOD everypuppy's been all year! ...Especially Tubey and Meeshka and the Dachsies and Holly and Marvin and FuFu and Chelsea and T-man (thanks for the paws up about the cappuccino!) and Joe Stains and Ivy and Zach and Pippin and Indy and everypup at D'Azul Siberians and the CyberSibes and Magnum and Opy & Charlie and Maddie & Frankie and Macie & Malechai and Althea and Poseidon and Tin Tin and Butchy & Snickers and Buster and Dakota and ... well, Santa, please just click on our DWB button and see the list of bloggers. We've ALL been good! Honest!


  1. We surely will think of our troops out there and we salute them! They need all our support in these difficult and dangerous days.

    They toil in dangerous conditions and places in order that we can have a Happy and Safe Christmas and future New Year!

    Marvin and Jeannie x x

    ps from Marvin - Dave sleeps in the same position as me!

    love and licks Marv xxxx

  2. hey hey Ao4! thanks for puttin in the good word for me with santa claws. i hope that all the soldiers and sailors and airpeepol and stuff are safe and know that theyr families love them.

    the pillow is great!

    merry christmas!

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Our town had a HUGE party last week for our Stryker Brigade who just got home from 15 months in the sandbox. We are all going to have a great holiday with our soldiers home. We will still keep everyone else who is in harm's way in our hearts.

    Great pillow and great photos! Wooo!

    Happy Holidays!!

  4. Thanks for including all of us in your list for Sanny Paws. We will certainly keep thinking of all the military folks out there guarding our freedom, especially at this holiday time.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  5. Have a very merry x-mas guys!

    Bussie Kissies

  6. Thanks for mentioning me on your "good dog" list!! I try...but mom is scolding me for licking my belly today (poop!). You guys look really angelic posing with that pillow. I'm sure Santa is taking notice :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas eve and enjoy your Santa tracking (and cappuccino!)


  7. thank you for remembeing me and leaving OUT the doofus!!! the pillow is so nice and so are the models :)




  9. Hey there A04! Thanks for putting in a good word for me. My human made cookies today and actually gave me one!! I guess I have been really good cuz normally we don't get any human food!

    Merry Christmas to you all!!

    Hugs and licks (and a big kiss to Dave)


  10. Hey you guys! SANTA HAS ARRIVED IN SCOTLAND! Yay, and thrice Yay!

    I am so excited - just wanted to let you all know, he is on his way to your house right now!

    Wooooooooooooooo! As Dave would say!

    Have a Wonderful Day!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx

  11. Happy Holidays!!! May your Christmas be filled of treats and pressies!


  12. Marvin: Well said, as usual! :)

    Ivy: I think Santa already knew how good you've been... but it never hurts to remind him!
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, coast guardsment, ETC!

    Dachsies: Thank roo! We love you guys!

    Zach: Coming home from such a deployment is GREAT reason for a celebration!

    D'Azuls: Santa can always do with a few reminders!

    Buster: Merry Christmas to roo, too!

    T-man: I'm sure you couldn't HELP licking! And your mom is just trying to make sure you heal well. :)

    Joey: We didn't leave Tanner out on PURPOSE! (I hope Santa didn't notice that...)

    Bogart: Thank roo and Merry Christmas!

    Holly: COOKIES?!?!? YUM! You MUST have been good! Dave sends hugs!

    Marvin: Santa! Santa! Santa!!!

    Jay: Thank roo and great to see you!

    Merry Christmas everypuppy!

  13. sorry, we had Harry Belafonte playing on our blog while we were commenting on yours, !!

    A senior moment Jeannie says.

    We have had a day filled with love and family, hope you have had the same!

    love and loyal licks

    Marvin x

    and love from Editor in Chief Jeannie x