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Monday, December 11, 2006

More DWB Christmas Cards!

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Amber!

We have received even more Christmas cards from our DWB friends! Many thanks to the following puppies:

It's going to get busy around here today - we think Mom wants to finish the decorating. We work hard to help her, you know. Regardless of what she's doing.
Speaking of help decorating and doing Christmas-y things, the First Puppies help President and Mrs. Bush, too! Click here to see Barney, Miss Beasley and even Kitty getting into the Christmas spirit! Yes... it's Barney Cam! :)
I've never met Barney or Miss Beasley, but there are some Scottie dogs in our neighborhood. They usually say "hi" when we walk past their house.

Merry Christmas!


  1. u-Amber you are a beautiful doggie.

    Simba xx

  2. I bet you guys help about as well as Tanner and I help mom read the newspaper on sundays. We are never appreciated for all that we do!

  3. I help too - I don't think any of us are appreciated.

    Bussie Kissies

  4. Hi Husky Army! Thanks for looking at our blog! We would love to see a picture of Lucky. Our mom is curious to know what we might look like when we get bigger since our masks will probably change! Hope you had a happy Monday!!

    Steve and Kat

  5. You guys should help your mom decorate. Well, at least make an effort so it looks like you tried.


  6. Anonymous7:31 PM

    in a way the president's dogs are dog bloggers! we should let them be honorary members of dogs with blogs. they just have video blogs!

  7. Simba: Thank roo! You are a very sweet and handsome puppy!

    Joe: I'll bet we do help as much as you two do! But there's 4 of us - so it's even BETTER! :)

    Buster: Not fully appreciated, anyway!

    Steve & Kat! Great to see you! We'll post pix of Lucky today! :)

    Chelsea: Zim went upstairs and helped mom get stuff out of the guest room closet. Well... he sat and stared at her, anyway! And Davy laid at the bottom of the steps so they could stretch over him on every trip up or down.

    Hershey: Yes! yes, you're right - they are dog bloggers, aren't they!?!

    Love to everypuppy,

  8. Hi Guys! I read somewhere that President Bush's brother, has a dog called Marvin! Hey Hey! Fame at last. Love and licks and waves of Paws, xxxxxx

  9. Marvin: It's better than you think ~ President Bush has a brother named Marvin!
    Tail wags,

  10. ooooh I am all overcome, the President's brother has the same name as me, Marvin! Wow! Harooooooo! as you guys would say.

    So impressed I have written a Marvin Ode to celebrate me having the same name!

    "My Name is Marvin the Dog - I have a wonderful name.

    And now I find out the President's brother is called the very same.

    I have now told Jeannie to be very careful where she shouts my name.

    For instead of me coming to heel and dribbling,

    She might just end up taking home the Presidents sibling."

    ps Jeannie says to tell you no offence meant by my rhyme to your President's brother! Does he have a brother called Jeb? Think that was the one who had the dog called Marvin.

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx
    pps Our Prime Minister's name is much easier to rhyme - BLAIR, lots of room for Marvin's poetic licence there.....!

  11. WOWzers, Marvin! What a great poem! You're so talented!
    Yes, the president has a brother named Jeb, too. And Marvin (of course) and Neil... and a sister Doro, and he lost a sister when she was only 4 to Leukemia. :(
    Tail wags,