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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Lights

Woo, everypup. It's me, Dave. Just wanted to let you know how hard we've been working around here - doing the decorations and everything. Here I am, working. Me. Dave. With my blue dinosaur bone. Working.
And here's Storm, also working.
Storm hard at work.

Here are some of the Christmas lights we helped put up on the back deck. It's hard to get a good picture of them, but this gives you an idea. And it was a pretty sunset, so that's worth the shot right there.And here's part of what we did out front. Stormy is inspecting. She said at the rate we're going, it's the only SNOW we'll get for Christmas. Woo.

I better go get some more sack time. Zim and I are going to try to wait up for Santa again this year, and we figured we'd have a better chance making it past 2100 if we front-loaded some Z-time. Woo.

Luv and Merry Christmas,


  1. I barked at the bottom of the ladder whilst Daddy climbed it to put the lights on my house.

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Buster: Wow! You're very helpful! Did you get a cookie for that?

  3. Dave Dave and Storms!

    I can see you two are working extremely hard! It is hard work
    decorating! We did that at our other home. We had so much fun and Frankie got some pics of her in the front yard with a snowman that just frustrates Mom, she can't get it to stand up straight!
    He is very airy and sleeps during the daylight hours too! Learning all the new stuff for Christmas is really tiring as well! I think I nned a nap already .
    Any-roooooooooo's Stormy looks so awesome on her back.....very sweet!


  4. you guys talk funny, front load? is that like sticking food in your mouth not having it come out your butt? I am just a simple terrier, I don't get this crazy talk. Also my clock doesn't go to 21?

  5. Here's how I help, I wait till my lady puts it up, whatever it is, then I pull it off and run away with it, I am very helpful like that....

    Murph the Dog

  6. Haroooo AO4, boy you guys have been "working" way hard! We helped get our house all decorated too. We think we like this Christmas business. The only bad part is that the lady is gone ALL the time & she keeps bringing home more stuff & putting it around the bottom of the tree & now we can't get to the giant water bowl (wish she'de get the tree out of it). Anywoo, we just wanted to say woohoo, as we haven't been able to blog much lately. Great work on the decorations!
    Face Licks, M&M

  7. My dearest Dave,

    You look so adorable playing with that toy! And Stormy looks quite comfy too!

    Good work on the Christmas decorations. My human has been trying to get ours up since the turkey eating holiday, and still hasn't managed it yet!

    Your Malagal

  8. Hey guys, woh you're really hard at work. I can see the Stormy is working real hard. :)

    Nice work on the xmas deco. ;)

    ~ fufu

  9. Anonymous10:37 PM

    I hear Santa doesn't much care for dog biscuits so see if you can snatch some good ones from the humans ...
    I.R.U. and HULA hooper

  10. Maddie: We DO! We work incredibly hard! We've heard about those snowmen who sleep in the day and are awake at night. We need to do a recon of the neighborhood and see if we can spot any!

    Joe: Front-loading is a financial term -- like with some mutual funds? Pay big now so you don't have to later. Or so they say.
    2100 hours is 9 o'clock p.m.! Silly pup!

    Murphey: Ha roo! Nice to see you! Yeah... Zim helped like that a lot when he first got here!

    M times 2: Great to see roo guys! Wow, this is your first Christmas, isn't it? Bet you're both exTREMEly helpful! Hey... you little guys know the water under the Christmas tree is bad for us, right? It can make you horka!

    Holly: I love to sleep like that! And you're giving Dave SUCH a big head. :) He keeps looking at your card saying, "My favorite Malagal!" :) Ha ROOOO!

    Fu Fu: I don't know how the bipeds would get anything done without us!

    Zach: Maybe his reindeer would like dog biscuits? We'll have mom make some for Santa himself. She made cranberry biscotti yesterday - think Santa would like those?

    Tail wags,

  11. Ooooh, gorgeous sunset!

  12. Indy: Thanks! We have a GREAT view of our sunsets!