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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Bunnies Are Gone!

Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! Some bipeds thought we might get snow overnight and today, but I lifted my little nose up to the sky yesterday and said, "No. I can smell it and it's going to get close... but none for us!" I'm very disappointed, but yes, I was right. We did get rain, though, which we need very badly! It's 39 degrees and rising out there. In Siberia, it's 25, with a wind-chill of 13. It's not snowing there right now, but it was last time I looked. Just thought you should know.

This doesn't really merit being called a HULA mission, but Mom was trying to take pictures of me the other day and I really don't like to have my picture taken in the house and so I didn't cooperate.

See the picture of me on the right? See how I pinned my ears back? That's me looking as sad as a little girl can look! Mom kept saying, "Please, Ammy! Just let me take your picture by the Santas!" But no! She kept asking and asking, but I wouldn't do it! :)

Stormy caught wind of what was going on and came over to help me. She is really great at taking charge of every situation and being in control. She's GREAT! Here she is, helping me be uncooperative.
OOooh, say, Mom, what's that up there behind you?

As Stormy told Meeshka in our application to the HULA Hoop, she loves to play this game of staring at our mom, then at "something" on the wall behind her. Hee hee hee. Stormy cracks me up!
Here I am, laughing!

So... yes, I guess Mom did get the picture she wanted, but we made her work at it.

And Meeshka ... check out the sitzbank behind me. The stuffed bunnies are gone! :)

Merry Christmas, everypuppy! Love,


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Awesome work! You guys should be PROMOTED!!!
    Capt Zach

  2. Hey Amber,

    I like bunnies. My wholes family are bunnies. Our last name means bunny in several human barks.

    *Bunny, Bunnys*

  3. Oh Ammy! You look so totally irritated at your human for making you sit there! You eyes say "are you DONE yet?" Love it!

    On those bunnies.....did they just "go" away, or did they get "destroyed" like a good stuffie should?


  4. Zach: A promotion!?!? Oh, that would be so nice! And we do work SO HARD around here!

    Freda: We have lots of bunnies in the yard still..... but no more on the sitzbank! Ha roooo!

    Holly: I WAS! I just DIDN'T want my picture taken! I'm glad you could tell. Mom thinks it's ironic, because she says I'm all things sweet and good. Except for when it comes to brushes. And baths. And the clippers. And getting my PICTURE taken! :) I hope Santa doesn't read that!
    Oh... and the stuffed bunnies are really inside the sitzbank ... but technically they ARE gone. :)


  5. Amber we think you look just great. We don't like getting our pictures in the house either. And we got rain too. Lisa's weather ankle is no match for your forecasting skills.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  6. You are pretty photogenic for someone who doesn't want to pose for photos.
    I like your brooding look.
    You would do well as a model.

    It takes one to know one.


  7. Hi Ammy, we have a game like Stormy's. One of us growls and then we all run into the kitchen like someone is at the back door. Mama freaks out that she forgot to lock that door and someone will come in and hurt us. Mama thinks someone will break into a house with over 500 lbs of dog inside. She is silly.

  8. Hey there Ammy,

    I’m baaaaack…it seems bloggy blogger is allowing me to howl again. I’ve changed to Beta so that’s probably why.

    And I couldn't stop looking at you, gal. You're a treat (almost) for the eyes. This doog is wagging his tail madly at ya.

    Stormy and Zim are gorgeous too, and Dave is but he's not my type. Well actually he could be, I don't really mind.

    But you? Ummm, sigh...

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin

  9. My mom would have been glad to send you our snow! She had to leave work early and it still took her over 2 hours to get home. She worked from home today. She said she'd have rather gone to work as me and the kitty sibs kept pretending we wanted out so she kept jumping up to let us out. She is going back to work tomorrow.


  10. Amber, you look so pretty smiling in the last pic. :)

    ~ fufu

  11. Hi Ammy! And everyone! Christmas preparations have held us back a bit here in Bonnie Scotland. Blog has taken back seat for a few days.....hopefully get up to speed soon.

    Your pictures are so good, but then you are all such handsome dogs (just like little ole' me!)

    mucho love and licks Marvin x

  12. ooooh we seem to be able to comment now, had problems earlier! And picture up loading was rubbish too!

    Check out my Blog for today's little drama, Jeannie is still shaking with rage......

    But it was good fun to see two hooooooomans shouting at each other, although I do think my Jeannie has learned some rather unladylike words sometime in her past! love and licks to you all,
    Marvin x

  13. D'Azul Siberians: It's STILL rainy here! Why couldn't it have been SNOW?!?!?

    Chelsea: You are so, so, so sweet! Thank roo.

    Magnum: Hee hee hee! That sounds fun! The boys usually start a howl-along once a day - just out of the blue, whenever they think the time is right. Us girls join in, too. It lasts about 30 seconds, then we all go back to being quiet. It's FUN!

    Hi Tin Tin! We missed you! And you are SO sweet! I just LOVE the picture of you in your bandana! *sigh* You are SO handsome!

    C-K-C: If I asked REALLY nice, would you please, please, please mail us some of your snow? Please? I hope your mama stays safe! Bipeds don't do as well in the snow as we do!

    Fu Fu: Thank roo! I couldn't help but smile - Stormy is SO funny!

    Marvin! I'm glad bloggie is letting you comment again! Sorry about the run-in you had!

    Love and Merry Christmas!

  14. I don't see any stuffed bunny guts laying around... where's the evidence? I still think that Dave is a spy for the humans!