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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Salute - McKinley of South Africa!

Today's Sunday Salute goes to our pal McKinley of South Africa!

We've mentioned "Big M little c" before - with his sister Nikki! In fact, our second Sunday Salute went to the two of them for (among other things) their great hole-digging skills! McKinley has sent in a couple updates on this one great hole he's got going on; here he is in a great action shot!
Look at him GO! McKinley told us that he's checking the depth in this shot: "If you blow in it, it helps dislodge some of the soil and you get a lot further a lot faster!!!"

He's got this down to a science!
And look at how GREAT his hole is! Wow! McKinley - OUTSTANDING JOB!

As if this wasn't enough of a reason to be featured in our Sunday Salute, McKinley read our posts about the "Sibes aren't allowed on the furniture" rule. Apparently, that very rule is in place in South Africa, too. :( But he has a GREAT way to cope with it and shared his method with us.

He told us, "...my stoopid hume has the same rule - beds only, well that is better than nothing but when I do want to sit on the sofa I do what they call a 'side bum'. This is legal! I promise. As long as at least two 'points' are on the floor I am allowed 'side bum'. Sending a picture (or two) to show you how it is done..."

Wow! Not only did he find a clever and legal way around the "not on the furniture" rule, but he's managing to shed on some of his mom's BEAUTIFUL hand-made quilts, too! (Sibe fur adds fluffiness and warmth, you know!) This is one TALENTED Siberian!

He added that it's very, very hot in South Africa these days - they're going into Summer now. He said, "If Santa had to come and visit us with bones and chewies he would melt today!! Especially with all that red and white fur that he wears..." Then he asked, "Is he related to you Ams???" Ha rooo & wooo! No one appreciates humor quite like Ammy!

For all your efforts, McKinley - from digging to the "side bum" to a great laugh for the day, we salute you!

The Army of Four

PS: Hee hee hee! McKinley's FUNNY! :) Love, Amber


  1. McKinley looks cool in the "side bum" pictures. I do something like that when I get "invited" on to the hoooomans laps occasionally. I didn't realise the position had an official name. Now I know!!

    Lovin' your Sunday Salutes! We always check in on a Sunday to see who features. Now off to investigate the "missing furniture" mystery which is on-going here in torrential rain and wind Scotland.

    love and licks, etc W of P to A o 4
    Marvin xxxxx

  2. Oh very well done McKinley! There's nothing better than finding a clause in the stupid human rules to get what you want.


  3. McKinley is one dooooog.

    That side bum approach is quite neat.

    I do a variation: I stand half in, half outside the door so the human can't close it. Oh, and then I wear one of my sad'n'cute'n'neverfed looks.

    This works quite well.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  4. Could you come to my place and help me dig a hole to T-Man's place?
    Mama won't let me travel alone


  5. Not only does fur add fluffiness and warmth but it adds value too....that thing will be a family heirloom for many many generations!

  6. Oh man, McKinley has his lean on in those last pics, VERY cool of him. I used to have a brother who was a Samoyed husky and his fur was EVERYWHERE, what a mess!

  7. McKinley is one smart doggie to bend those silly human rules! No dogs on the furniture..I still can't accept that concept!

  8. Quite impressive! I think we can all learn from McKinley's digging and side bum lessons on how to "get around" the humans rules! What an excellent teacher!


  9. McKinley looks cute. :)
    And he's clever on the side bum thing

    ~ fufu

  10. Marvin: We MUST give this one a try! Especially since McKinley says it's "legal"!
    Meeshka: He's inspiring, isn't he?
    Tin Tin: Your variation on a theme sounds VERY effective!
    Chelsea: We'll see if McKinley is game. It's mighty hot where he is right now, so he'd probably LOVE to come dig at your place!
    Ender: Well said!
    Joe: McKinley's mom has GOT to be proud, don't you think?
    T-man: I don't get it either. Dog-onally speaking.
    Holly: I know! I can't WAIT to try it out!
    Fu Fu: He IS clever, isn't he?
    Play bows,