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Sunday, August 07, 2011

"Serene" Scenery Sunday

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave.  Here's a picture of me by a sign in our new neighbor's yard:

DSCN2235 Dave
Not serene


DSCN2235improved Dave with an improved sign

That's better!


PS:  For the record, our bipeds always pick up after us both in accordance with our local city ordinances and because it's the right thing to do.  'nuf said!


  1. Yuh, like my mom totally picks up, even after ME which is usually a three bagger. Hehehe, but that doesn't stop crazy neighbors from yelling at her. I think when you are the most distinctive dog on the block all the humans assume it is YOUR poop. Momma wants to say, "trust me, if I wasn't picking up after Mango, you would know it."

    That said, she is convinced that someday that bag of poop she is always carrying will come in handy for something.

    Happy serene Sunday.


  2. Well!!! that's rude!!! That neighbor is not being very neighborly. We Do Not Like Them!

    Bobo and Meja

  3. That neighbor doesn NOT seem real friendly. Not even a "please",,,,
    Our Mom picks up after all of us too.

  4. harrooo Dave! Zeesh, that's not a very friendly sign is it? We like yours much better. We live outside city limits so we walk in the country a lot which means no nasty neighbors, but #1 always picks up after us even still, have a good week mates!

    RA, Isis & nuknuk

  5. We don't like your new neighbor! We hope Maude the Bully Cat leaves presents in his flower bed!

    My mommy picks up after me and trust me, everyone knows it because she gags so loud! BOL!


  6. WE all have humans that pick up after us too. Even when we are in the mountains on a search we get cleaned up after.

    At first I thought My Vickie was just weird but now after my many years of life (3) I see how important it is.

    Too bad all humans don't pic up after their pups. It is those humans that make the human like your neighbor put of nasty signs and keep us from going to all the parks and other places to play.

    I don't know who is worse.....


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  8. If all our owners would pick their own dogs poops up, signs like this wouldn't even exist! Maybe he doesn't have much of a sense of humor but our mom says she's had to pick up after other dogs poop even here in our own yard and she understands his sentiment.

    jack & moo
    PS - FYI: our mom is a good poop picker-upper.

  9. How rude! I think you should pee on the neighbour's bushes.


  10. Hahaha! We like the second sign better!!
    Shall I come over and contribute my share of
    pee to them?!


  11. Believe it or not, The Herd Before Us used to live in a city (well, Charlotte) and the hu-dad used to get irritated at how many people let their dogs use his front yard AND not clean it up. He would never put up such a sign, but our only problem with the sign is that it refers to the dog and NOT the careless human who should pick up after them.

    Maybe the neighbor was just trying to be funny, but it is a little rude way to get across the point.

  12. that neighbor should make that sign refer to the owner not the dog. we always pick up after dar, and ive even picked up after other dogs as well. i hate seeing random poop on the grass. i always think, what if i parked my car at night and stepped in that?! yuck!

  13. That's a mean sign, for sure!! Penny once got yelled at for peeing on one of those gigantic mounds of snow from a snow plow, not even on the lawn.
    Did you see that the new puppy "Lightning" over at The Chronicle of Woos has two different colored eyes like Zim? I was wondering if this is common in this breed.
    I'm partial to red goldens, but i think Zim and Dave are so sweet!

    Penny's Mumma

  14. Ooooooo...Mama growled at the first sign and is definite fan of the second....We also make sure Mama always picks up after us and hates when the neighbors assume things!!

    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo