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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

What A Great Prize!

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie, here with some exciting news!  Mom processes most of the photos we use on the blog using Adobe Photoshop Elements -- different versions ... she's now using 13.  Anyway, she follows them on FaceBook and a while ago, they asked for submissions of "Fall" photos!  Mom posted one onto their wall (click here to see the one she chose) and she won one of their Customer Appreciation Month prizes!  Cammie is the one who found it; I was inside on Guard Duty!

"Mom!  Look!  A package for you!"
From inside... "Is that a BOX?!!?"

I have no idea how Cam could remain calm at a time like this!!!  Well, actually, she's always calm.  Mom always says I should thank my lucky stars she's like that.  I have no idea what that means.

"Oh, I smell very kind people on here!"
"Hurry up and bring it inSIDE!!!"

Honestly, I thought they'd never get it in gear!  Anyway, after a million minutes, they finally brought it in!  I checked it out thoroughly!

"A box!  A box!  A BOX!!!"

Seriously!  Could the Adobe PSE people have picked a better prize?!!?  A BOX!!!

Oh.  There was something inside the box, too.  A couple things.  The first was a nice hand-written letter from Kimberlee to Mom.  It was very kind and touched Mom greatly.  There was also this:

"Oooh!  A Lowepro DryZone bag!"

It's a really awesome waterproof camera bag!

"Hey!  That would have been handy for when you had your little kayaking accident, huh, Mom?  ... Mom?"

Oddly enough, she had no comment on that.  Perhaps she was taking a moment of silence for the dearly departed Canon SX50 HS.  Long live the Canon 70D!  Sorry.  I digress.  Let's check out the bag.

"Bag in a bag!  How cool is that?"

"The inner bag is padded and the dividers can be changed all around.  How cool!  Convenient grab cord on the zipper, too!"

Very cool bag, and I know Mom will make good use of it.  And with the bag on the floor ... I moved in to grab my prize!!!

"I think it should be ideal ..."

"I just love it!!!!  It's the perfect fit!  Thank you Adobe peeps!!!"

And I'm sure I'll get to keep this one past trash day.

"Right, Mom?"

Anyway, Mom wanted to move the prize into the other room so she could get a nicer picture of it - you know, to show the Adobe Photoshop Elements people how much we appreciate it and all.  Sounded like a great idea to me!

"Is Maggie getting treats for this?  Or is she just ... boxing?"
Mom s her new bag!
"Best. Prize.  Ever!  I my BOX!!!"

The box WAS the prize, wasn't it?!? Thank you, Kimberlee and Adobe Photoshop Elements!  What a great prize!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Congratulations! The photo was a prize winner for sure! And the box is pretty great too. (we love the foxy look on Maggie!)

    Kiki and Nala

  2. That is a most awesome prize but I feel the photo could have been improved if the box was on the Sitzbank with Mags in it!

  3. that box was awesome - how cool of them to send that just for you and to put something in their for your Mom too

  4. That is one pawesome box Maggie! Congrats on your mom winning it for her birdie photo!

  5. Congrats to your mom. She takes wonderful photos! And of course you got the best prize!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. The box was the prize indeed, your mom takes such great pictures though, we love that one of you in the box...it is a keeper for sure.
    stella rose

  7. You should win another prize from them for that picture at the end. It is priceless. We sure hope you get to keep the prize/box after trash day.

  8. Hi, congrats on winning; no surprise to me though because your photos are awesome!

  9. Congratulations! Adobe was very wise to pick your photo as your photography is so good (plus you have great models)!!

  10. Wow that was a great box and the camera ain't too bad as well LOL. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Oh wow, they picked out JUST the right prize for you! It's the pawfect size and all.