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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Because You Never Know!

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie.  Maggie and I took Mom on a nice, long walk this morning.  It was a walk like any other, full of squirrels, other pups, hills, and ... well, brace yourselves!  Just near the top of one of the hills we always go up, we saw something so mystifying, so out of place, so out of the ordinary that ... well ... here's a video.  (Not for the faint of heart or perhaps puppies and kit-cats under the age of 6 months.  Or bipeds with coffee in their mouths.)

To view on YouTube, please click here.

Whew! Talk about a close call! What was it DOING there?!!? It's never been there before.

"The world's a safer place with us on the job!"
"I don't think that hose caddy will mess with anyone EVER!"

Just the beginning of our walk, and already a great success!!!

Oh, right. Isn't the sky cool-looking? Check it out:


There were storms in the area, but not right where we live.

We walked on the Hudson Trail for a while and did this:

"Over, under..."
"...twist and around!"

It was our way to celebrate keeping the world safe from errant hose caddies.

When we got home, Mom wanted us to pose in front of the ornamental grasses by the driveway.  We were still feeling mighty proud from our encounter with the hose caddy, so we obliged.

"How's this, Mom?"
"I think we deserve a reward!"
"Oooooh, I smell a cool breeze from those storms!"
"I smell treats in Mom's pocket!"
"How 'bout some treats for saving the free world earlier, Mom?"
"Oooh!  What Maggie said!"

Who could resist those faces?  Not our mom, fortunately!  We were duly rewarded for our heroic efforts - and I rewarded Mom with this:

Proud hero of the free world!

Maggie is a proud hero of the free world, too, but she had her face buried in the Purple Love Grass when Mom snapped that shot.

Rest easy, everyone!  We are on the job!



  1. Oh, you two are too funny! You remind me of my pal Bentley...he always barked at things that seemed out of place! BOL You both look like you thoroughly enjoyed that walk!

  2. That caddy was just.. WRONG! We hope it's thoroughly ashamed of itself now. Y'all did such a wonderful job guarding the world. Thank you so much!

  3. MOLMOLMOL My mom agrees with you two. Those hose caddies are sneaky and evidently sprout legs in the cover of dark.
    Mom didn't know Dad have moved ours to the front faucet so he could water the areas where grass seed was.
    the faucet is right in front of the bedroom window. When mom raised the blinds at 6 am she caught a glimpse of a shadows at the window...
    she ::gasped:: to herself.
    hugs madi your bfff

  4. Thank you for taking us on your wonderful walk. You get your leash tangled just like we do.

  5. your mom is very lucky that you were there to protect her (and no, mom isn't laughing....why do you ask?)

  6. WOW! You grrls are just fangtastic!

  7. We sleep much better at night cos of you two girls. stella rose

  8. OMD! That hose caddy brought back memories to when I was just a pup and mom's snow boots were in the kitchen - oh the horror!!!!
    Bailey & Hazel too

  9. Holy moly that was scary! Thank goodness you're here to protect us all. ~ Rambo Hemsworth

  10. Who knows what could happen if hose caddies just did what they want? Now they know yous are watching! Great job and worthy of a high value treat. BTW, that is some good crocheting you did with your leashes!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. mol! but of course hose caddies are evil. thanks for keeping the world safe and maybe even preventing an invasion from heading our way :) we love your proud, heroic pose, Cammie! purrs,

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  12. You better have gotten that reward!
    Lily & Edward

  13. WHEW...That was a close one girls! We sure are glad your Mama rewarded you for protecting her from that scary hose caddy...they can be so very unpredictable!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. WOOOHOO! Thanks bunches gurls!!! Nows we can all sleep betters knowin' that we are safe from those errant hose caddies!!! Those thingies are SNEAKY! Oh, and I do that all the time....why, just the other day, there was a safety cone right in the middle of the sidewalk and I told IT who was Queen of the Hood! Gotta keep on your toes gurls! You just never know....nows, what abouts those treaties????
    Ruby ♥

  15. The nerve of that hose cart being there! Thanks for keeping us safe, girls!

  16. OMD you two are just hilarious!!!! You are as silly as Dakota barking at inanimate objects!!!! BOL! DakotasDen

  17. You two were just doing your jobs to make sure the neighborhood was safe! All in a day's work for a working breed!