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Monday, November 01, 2021

We're Back!

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  We're back from our short blog break.  You haven't forgotten us or anything, have you? Anyway, we went to a far away land called "Illinois"! Maggie has been there a couple times before, but this was my first big trip. It was all so new to me -- except the first night we were there, the tornado sirens went off a few times, so that made us feel right at home! Anyway ... it was all very exciting --- so many new smells, great places to explore, oh, we have so many things to tell you about! BUT the big reason we went on the trip was this:
"Hi, Grandma.  I'm Ragnar!"
"Well, hello there, puppy-dog!"

"Remember me, Grandma?!?  I'm Mags!"
"Hello, Maggie!"

She's the BEST!  She really loved seeing us.  She'd say, "I wish I had something to give you!" then magically a cookie would appear in her hand and she'd give us each one!  A WHOLE one!  (They looked oddly similar to ones I had seen Mom slip into her pocket earlier, but who cares?!?  They were cookies!!!!)

Here's a great shot of the three of us:

Me, Grandma, and Mags

We got to meet a lot of the other people who live in the same place she lives in and they all told us what nice puppies we are, how soft our coats are, how pretty/handsome we are, how well-behaved ... it was really fun!  They'd talk about dogs they'd had and we'd sit and listen to them.  We made a LOT of them smile and that made our mom and dad smile, too.  We even got to go to a little concert there and the guys dedicated a song to us!  It wasn't rock and roll, but it was still really cool!

So ... that's what we've been doing!  More to come, but we're all pretty wiped out from the trip.  We'll fill you in over the next few days.  Wait 'til you hear about the squirrels they have there!!!


PS:  A word from our mom:  We spent a week visiting my mom at her assisted living place.  I could not be prouder of Ragnar and Maggie!  They were SO GOOD!!!  Quiet, extremely gentle, friendly, greeted anyone who wanted to meet them ... it was awesome.  THEY were awesome.   Oh, the love they shared!  We are SO PROUD of these wonderful Polargold Siberians!!!  ~KZK


  1. Anonymous5:16 PM

    what a Wonderful time for all of you! these pictures are just Grand!
    and we're not surprised. they're the most beautiful well behaved puppies I've known! XOXO

  2. What a fun time you had visiting your grandma. Maybe you two should look into being therapy dogs. You sure did your own pet therapy with all grandma's friends.

  3. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I have to admit I became teary eyed looking at your pictures of your dogs with your Mom!:-)
    Beautiful and looks and sounds like one of those perfect visits! So very happy for you all!

    Take care, Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  4. A new state always smells different. I think you made her heart sing just by walking in the door.

  5. What a wonderful trip. Dog Mom's grandparents on her Dad's side lived outside Springfield so she spent a number of summers making the very long trip driving from New England to Illinois to visit the family there. She says the dogs never got to go but she'd have brought us if she'd been making the trip as an adult.

  6. Grandmas are so very special♥

  7. Your Grandma looks great and so happy with you visiting her!!! Thanks for sharing your visit with us!