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Monday, December 27, 2021

Best Way To Start The Day

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar! The best way to start the day is to get out there and enjoy it! "Carpe diem", as they say. We thought we'd share some pix of our morning walk - it was a gorgeous day out there!

We usually walk past the water tower on our way out - and since it sits at the top of a hill, we have a great view of the sunrise. Check out today's view:
"Wowzers, Ragnar!"

From there, we headed to The Top Of The World - our favorite place to go! On the first part of the park, we took the middle trail. That goes into woods, and we LOVE that part.
"I love this part of the trail!"
"Me, too, Mags!"

"You can go first, bro."
"Thanks, Mags!"

I love going first - I get to be the first one to cross the rickety bridge at the bottom of the hill!  It's great!

On the second part of the park, we took the furthest west trails - it's wide open there.  You can see who else is out there (if anyone) and the sunlight is amazing!

Mags and me on the trail

"I see someone over there, Ragnar!"
"I think it's a Black Lab, Mags."

It was indeed a Black Lab - and we eventually got to meet her.  She was very nice.

Once we got up to the top, we had a good look around:

Mags and me.  Our mom this photo!

After we looked around, we went down to the other end of the top part before heading home:

"Another stellar walk, Raggi!"
"I love this place, Mags!"

Do you start your day out with a good walk?  Thanks for coming along on ours!



  1. We wish we had such nice places to go for walks like you do. That sunrise is just spectacular!

  2. I think you can see a bit of heaven in the sunrise

  3. The colour of the orange sky was stunning! Looks like a great walk. Lee and Phod