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Monday, December 27, 2010

Recent Adventures

Tail wags, dear readers, it's me - Stormy.  We really missed all of you when we were on break and are trying to catch up with everyone!  We are enjoying reading about everything you've been up to!  We've had a lot of adventures here, too - and we're going to try to bring everyone up to speed!

Speaking of speed, here's how Dave spent part of Christmas Day:

IMG_0862 Dave
Dave and Squeaky Fish!  Go, Davy, go!!!

That LabraPup sure can run!

Ammy spent a little time exploring the backyard!

IMG_0842 Ammy
"Halt!  Who goes there?!?"

She made sure there were no bunnies, squirrels, or moles anywhere out there!

IMG_0847 Ammy
Ammy strikes a pose!

Mom works hard to see that we all get special time each day - either out on adventures, playing in the yard or maybe spending some one-on-one time with a special friend!  Look at who I got to see on Christmas Day!

IMG_0874 Stormy
"Hello, little Squirrel-Puppy!"

It was great to see him; we had lots of fun playing!

Let me see... what else has been going on?  Zim's been all over the place lately. I'll let him share his huge discovery with you himself within the next few days. In the meantime, here he is on a recent adventure at the Kansas Ocean:

IMG_0887 Zim
Zim, relaxing on the shore at the Kansas Ocean

Zimmie said it was perfect beach weather - sunny and in the 20s. (That's about -4 for those on the "C" scale.) It was so lovely, the Kansas Ocean was frozen! Ah... perfect Siberian weather!

Do you have something special planned today?  I can't wait to hear all about it!

Tail wags,


  1. Did you strap ice skates on your paws?

  2. Looks like great adventures and how cool that your ocean freezes over! It's rainy here today so we're all napping and recovering from our weekend.

  3. Thanks for the tour Stormy. We have a stuffed squirrley too. It sure looks purrty over there in your neck of the woods.
    Benny & Lily

  4. Hello!!!
    We've miss you guys and the rest of the blogging pack! But we're back, and hopefully this time for good!
    Those are amazing pictures!! Dave and the squeaky toy.. just like Maya and her squeaky toy lately. It's driving the humans bonkers!
    Happy Howlidays!
    Tail wags,
    Maya and Kena

  5. The Kansas Ocean looks very inviting to us, Zim! Our ponds are all ice covered here!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Well, it's already my birthday today in Australia, so I hope mum has some special adventures planned for me!

    I missed you all so much while you were away!


  7. Hello Ao4! we;ve missed woo too! wow, Zim, the kansas Ocean freezes? that's way cool! (literally, too)

    luv woo guys!
    jack & moo

  8. Wow... everything about where you live is sooooo gorgeous! I'm really envious!

    I have three squirrel plushies: Squee, Squee, and Squee. I can't tell them apart, so we just named them all the same. They're smaller than yours though.

    Glad to hear that all of you are having fun! Merry Christmas!


  9. Thanks for sharing your adventures!
    I saw on the other post about the "furniture"!
    I hope you are adjusting well to the new arrangement!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. More great adventures!! I love watching Dave run!!!


  11. That did look like perfect weather, especially since there was no snow :)

    Can you go skating on your ocean now? That would be fun.


  12. love the view and your lovely garden. happy new year to all :)

  13. Looks like you all have been having a great time. Love the photo of my Dave with his squeaky fish. xoxo