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Monday, August 29, 2016

Our Adventure, Part I

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  As I mentioned yesterday, Maggie and I took Mom and Dad on quite the adventure!  Let me start to tell the tale today.  Now ... where was I? Oh, right. Right about .... here:

Me in our Husky Recreational Vehicle

The sun got really bright, so Mom let me wear her sunglasses.

I'd best back up and start at the beginning.  After breakfast and our walk, Mom and Dad packed up a few things and we all jumped into the HR-V.

"🎶Get your motor running!  Head out on the highway!  Looking for adventure ...🎶"
"Where are we going?"

We'd only been on the road a short while when ...

Navigator down!!!  Navigator DOWN!

I thought she was riding shotgun so she could navigate for Dad.  Apparently, he decided to use the navigation system in the HR-V instead, so Maggie opted to nap.

Instead of napping, Mom and I were having some fun in the backseat:

"Hey, Cam..."
"Yes, Mom?"

Then she said no, that she meant ...


Ha roo woo roo.  That one never gets old!  Mom and I giggled and giggled.

"Do I need to come back there and separate you two?!?"

Not everyone in the vehicle shares our sense of humor.

For a long, long, long time, we saw these things:

Smoky Hill Wind Farm

They are wind turbines from the Smoky Hill Wind Farm.  They stretch on for miles!  No wonder Kansas is so windy, what with them growing wind.  You know.  On wind farms.  They should have mountain farms or snow farms or something more productive like that.

"Oh, yeah.  A snow farm!  Now that sounds dreamy!"

Oh.  Before I move along, if our friends Genny and Chai are reading this, that's Maggie's impression of Chai.  What do you think?

Anyway, back to our story.  After we drove a WHOLE lot further, we saw these signs ...

"Cam!  Do you see it?"
"I know where we're going!!!"
"Settle down, Mom.  88 more miles to go."

Really.  Mom needed my calming influence.  She was about to burst!

More about the trip tomorrow!



  1. Looks like a marvellous road trip. You looked amazing modelling those sunglasses, very stylish! Have a lovely week.

  2. There IS a "snow farm"--it's in New Zealand!! That's a long road trip from KS.... http://www.snowfarmnz.com/events/wanaka-sled-dog-festival/

  3. Cool shades! Nope, they definitely don't get our humor
    Lily & Edward

  4. OMD, an adventure!! How exciting!

  5. 88 miles? ;) You guys are going on quite the adventure! Thank Cod for automatic pilot so you could nap a bit Maggie. Did you go by Lindsborg? Our mommy likes that cute little town with the yummy pastries. Wonder if there's any with frosting?

  6. we bet you girls are LOTS of fun in the car :)

  7. You all were having fun in the car but now you leave us in suspenders as to what you did! We are on pins and needles waiting until tomorrow. (Don't worry our mom didn't spill her pins in the sewing room, it is just an expression of course)

  8. 'Hey' Cammie...that was a funny joke and you are right it never gets old. Some things just tickle our funny bones furever. You might need to ride shotgun next time if the navigator cannot stay awake.
    You sure did have a beautiful day to travel
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Ohhhh adventures! We luff hearing about yours.

  10. That was one big ride you took. We see Quivira - we live right off Quivira Rd. - were you here????

    Maggie, how many times did Mom and Cammie ask, "Are we there yet?"

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. Looks like you girls know how to have fun on a road trip!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. gotta love a good road trip - you are lucky - Mom would never allow us in the front seat

  13. We aren't allowed in the front seat either. Wind farms freak us out! Did you know 60% of the time they are running on other types of electricity or something like that. Can't wait to see where you are taking us!

  14. OMD...We can't WAIT to hear more...Arty and I just love Kansas scenery!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  15. Oh I love a good adventure story. I'm just going to stay right here to hear the rest.

  16. OMD I AM LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF! Can't wait to see where you went! DakotasDen

  17. WE want to hear all about it
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  18. Now Mom has the "Born to be Wild" song in her head and she can't get rid of it :-)

    This looks like the beginning of a GRAND adventure!

    Abby Lab

  19. This is going to be a superfun adventure! We can already feel it! We can't wait to hear more!

  20. BOL! Love those cool shades on you! 😎 Looks like a great road trip! Can't wait to hear more!

  21. Sounds like you and Mom had a great time telling jokes! :-) I can't wait to find out where you went.