Who We Are

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  Maggie said I should try posting to the blog today - I hope I do this right!

First, thanks for the warm welcome!  As Maggie said, I am Polargold's Einherjar -- Ragnar!  I'm Maggie's half-brother on our mama's side, and I just turned 4 years old last month.  Our mom and dad wanted to adopt someone who could keep up with Mags and I think I'm the perfect pup for the job!

As Mags said yesterday, we go on lots of long, long walks in the morning.  Here we are with Dad on our first morning walk:

Dad, me, and Mags.  Dad's the tall one.

Sometimes on our walks, Mom tries to get us to pose.  Maggie says I've still got a lot to learn there.

"Hi, Mom!"
"Oh, Ragnar!  Not without treats, buddy!  No smiles without treats!!!"

She's teaching me all about politics, too.

"That's another Matta sign.  We're pulling for him!  Get it?  Siberian Huskies ... pulling ..."
"Huh!  Good one, Mags!"

Maggie said Mom made her say that "pulling" part.

On our second big walk, I finally saw the famous Kansas Ocean!

"There it is, Ragnar!  Isn't it beautiful!?!"
"I thought it might be bigger than this."

(Apparently Mom gets to comment on the blog sometimes.  I'm supposed to point out that there's a Great Blue Heron on the peninsula.)

ANYWAY, the Kansas Ocean is cool, but I'm not sure about sailing a Viking ship on it.  We can still go on raids, though.  We'll find a way.

That's probably enough for today.  Thanks again for the welcome!

"Is he cute enough?"
"Aw, shucks!"



  1. Ragnar I looked up the meaning of you name and it does so suit you. I commented earlier today on your June 29 post..I was so very excited to see
    Maggie had a new CROG and bitey face partner. I enjoyed your first post Maggie is a good teacher.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Nice to see you here today, Ragnar. We will have to learn some Viking words from our Dad so we can greet you properly. Thanks for telling us more about you. You sure are handsome.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. you did great on your first post, Ragnar! you are mighty cute and handsome too. we gotta wonder if Maggie has met her match, tee hee!

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

    p ess: got any treat cupboard raids planned? we'd gladly help! ~sharpie, ditto

  4. Welcome. You are going to have an awesome home for sure.

  5. You did a FABulous job Ragnar! Yes my furiend, you gots to keep this as your Mantra "No cookie, No lookie"! That's how you gets the treaties the peeps are usually stingy abouts! Maggie will teach you all the Flashy Beast Avoidance Techniques! BOL!!!
    You are one handsome ManDog Ragnar!
    Ruby ♥

  6. Good work on your first post Ragnar. Our mom is a bit bird crazy, just like yours, and had spotted that heron at the Kansas Ocean before she read your mom's comment.

  7. Grreat job on your furst post! I agree, not a lot of room for Viking ships on the Kansas Ocean. You'll just have to invade the neighbors or something.

  8. Good to meet you mate!


  9. We see that you answered our question about his age, he is SOOOOOOOOO cute!