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Saturday, September 04, 2021

Worked Like A Charm!

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  The other morning on our walk, we were chugging down the parkway.  I could tell Mom and Dad wanted to wait until we got to this one stone bench to take our water break -- that's where we usually stop.  But I looked at Mags and she looked at me ... and we decided we needed some  cookies  water sooner rather than later!  I saw this wall, pulled Mom over to it and leapt up - then Mags followed suit.  We laid it on as thick as we could:

"Oh, wow, do I need some water!"
"Hang on, puppies!!!"

So Mom poured some water for us ... and what goes with water better than a couple Zuke's cookies?!?  Am I right?!?

"Oh, yeah.  Much better now."
"Me, too!"
"Did I just get played?  Have you even had a sip of the water?"

I have no comment on that.

We took a break by the bench, too, just for good measure.  And we got another Zuke's.  (And yes, we drank a good amount of water!). Jumping up on that wall was one of the best ideas I've come up with!  Mags was really proud of me!  My plan worked like a charm!



  1. You should try jumping on every wall you come to so maybe you'll get a treat every time!

  2. You looked thrilled to be getting a water break.