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Tuesday, March 08, 2022

What Could Be Better?!?

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar. After a messy day of thawing yesterday, our snow and ice froze back up this morning. At walk time, it was in the teens - warm enough to take our mom and dad on a normal walk! What better way to avoid a lot of the road chemicals than to head to The Top Of The World?!?
"Still plenty of snow out here, Ragnar!"
"This is so perfect, Mags!"

It was great out there! And ... what could be better than walking the trails at The Top Of The World in snow?!?  How about getting to go through the WOODS?!?!?

"This is too good to be true!!!"

I may have been overcome by emotion. It was AWESOME!

We hope you're having a great day, too!



  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    How are the eyes??? I've been praying and reading the blog so I am figuring you are doing well!
    Thought I'd ask in case you need stronger prayers:-)
    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  2. You went on a excellent adventure. I know you will go one a lot more.