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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quick Walk!

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave!  After lunch yesterday, Zim and I decided Mom should take us for another walk.  Oh, sure, we had already been on a few, but this is Autumn and in any season other than Summer, we go on a walk after lunch.  It's in the Siberian Handbook.  It doesn't matter how far we've already walked in the day.  Mom said we could go on a quick one.  (Ha woo...)

Here we are, heading down the street:

IMG_5117 Dave & Zim
Me and Zim

(Did you notice Mom made us new leashes and collars a while back? Pretty cool, huh?)

So, anyway, back to the walk. Here's Zim, flashing his million-dollar smile!

IMG_5119 Zim
"A quick walk beats no walk ANY day of the week!"

Does he look happy or what?!?  

Here's an action shot of him walking past Maude the Bully Cat's house:

IMG_5120 Zim

We didn't see her, but Zim looks for her every time we walk past!

We really didn't feel like going in when we got home - it was too quick of a walk, plus there were 45 mph wind gusts blowing SUCH interesting information all over the place!  We did our best to  bamboozle Mom into staying out there longer  do important stuff out there.  I helped get the mail out of the box, then lifted my snooter to the wind!

IMG_5121 Dave
"Do you smell that, Zimmie?!?"

Zim and I both checked the air:

IMG_5122 Zim & Dave

...or maybe we were checking for cats. I'm not sure. But we were striking poses so Mom would let us stay out there and turn the "quick walk" into a "short walk, long outing" kind of deal.

Check this one out:

IMG_5124 Dave & Zim

It's our "double-tough guy, going two ways" look.  Pretty cool, isn't it?

Zim thought he saw his friend Fluffy Black Cat over in her yard, so I thought I'd best guard his 6 against any sneak attacks by Maude TBC.

IMG_5125 Dave & Zim

Neither one of the cats came over - so we decided to take Mom back in the house.

Thanks for coming on our "quick walk" with us!



  1. Zim looked a little nervous walking by Maude the Bully Cat's house. Glad you had a great outing and the wind provided some interesting smellies for you.

    Puppy Love,

  2. Way to keep an out for those c-a-t-s... we must do our best to protect our peoples from those horrible, evil, critters!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  3. The more walks the merrier!


  4. What nice walkie pics! Love your new leashes too! Isn't Autumn just grand for all the walkies and runs a Husky could want! Enjoy! The best season is yet to come...that's the season of Snow!!!

  5. A quick walk is better than no walk, right?

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. You guys always have the coolest leashes. :)

    Thanks for sharing your walk with us.

  7. love to two way look! Youre mom is so good about making such cool leashes!

  8. There can never be too many walks! Too bad you didn't see any of Zim's friends though.

  9. Looks like you had a nice walk :-)

  10. I'm glad Davy was looking out for that bully cat, Zimmie!


  11. you know, our mom will always tell Wriggley "just a short outing today" and then they come back an hour later! We're showing him your post, Dave, so he can get some tips on, er, bamboozling some extra yard time...not that we want him out of the house or anything...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie