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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

How To Cool Off Your Bipeds

Hello, everyone. It's me, Cammie! We're expecting a heat index today of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, according to our local weather people. For our international readers who use the "C" type of thingy, that translates to "mighty hot"! Anyway, so while Maggie and I were on our morning walk, we thought we'd do Mom and Dad a big favor and help them cool off. Here's how we did it:

To watch on YouTube, please click here.

If your bipeds get hot on a walk, we heartily recommend trying this out! And ... it will help you cool down, too!

Stay cool, friends!



  1. MOL MOL MOL bipeds are so funny when the get wet....you two just shook it off.
    We heard there is horrid heat coming from the west towards us for later this week.
    right now it is 89 feels like 100 here.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Good job mates, it is important to keep those bi-peds cool, they have low tolerances BOL!!


  3. mol! nicely done! your folks didn't seem so appreciative. what's up with that? :D

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  4. That heat is here today too and it is insanely hot here. We may not even get one of those walks as it isn't good for Ciara:(
    But when we find those sprinkler thingies, we like to attack them for a cool drink:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. You did a great job steering your parents right into the water.

  6. you are both sooooo helpful!!!!!!!!! DakotasDen

  7. Pretty smart Cam and Mags!!!

  8. Such good girls you are to keep your pawrents cool!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. BOL!!!! OMD, gurls, that is FABulous!!! I do that to Ma after I gets a drinkie of water! She SO appreciates it!! Just like your Peeps do!
    What would they do without us???? hehehe
    Ruby ♥

  10. What a great idea! We need to look for sprinklers along our walkie this morning! Thanks, girls☺

  11. What a grreat idea! We definitely do that sometimes. We had a nice little break, though. We had big storms on Sunday and Monday, so yesterday it was only a high of 95!! Momma took advantage of it being "only" 93 when she got off work and went for a run.

  12. My Ma hates to walk through the sprinklers here...as do I...because the water is reclaimed and stinks!

  13. That was so nice of you to do that for your momma, its like a walking shower. stella rose

  14. nice job ladies....and with those coats, we bet the bipeds get extra cooled off too MOL