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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Quick Clip

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie.  We've been having unseasonably warm weather lately.  For some reason, Mom is more likely to sit out on the deck with us when it's warm than when it's nice.  You know - like below freezing.  Go figure.  Anyway, the other day, Maggie and I were trying to decide what to do out there ...

"Do you know what I'm thinking?"
"Do you know what I'm thinking?"

We were both thinking the same thing:  Crazed River Otter Games!

"Get ready for some CROG action, Cam!"
"Bring it, Mags!"

We had the whole deck and landing, but we chose to play as close to Mom as possible - to make her feel part of the action.  Here's a quick clip:

Please click here to watch on YouTube.

It was very enjoyable!  I'm pretty sure our mom had as much fun as we did.  It's supposed to be close to 70 today, so I have a feeling we'll get in a bit more outside CROG time!



  1. Close to 70! Wow, our mom is so jelly over that! Looks like a great CROG session!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Well, we gotta with your mom on this one. We prefer it a bit warmer too. And that was sure a fun game.

  3. better to CROG outside than inside we suspect.

  4. OMD close to 70° F fur you today??? HERE it is 21° and SNOWING...
    Wanna trade Spaces????

  5. Oh boy, that looks like fun!

  6. Oh my stars I laughed out loud when it looked like one of you...could not tell which one as I have to see the blue eye to know...went for the armpit. That is my tickle spot.
    hugs madi your bfff

    1. Cammie tried to tickle my arm pit!!!!!

  7. PS we have a string of 70 degree weather heading our way...maybe 5 or 6 days.
    I think I owe you a big Thank you for sending it too

  8. Mom went to the post office after work to mail some autographed books for a pet auction and she just wore a SWEATER. I want some snow! We haven't had snow in over two months. Frankie, can you mail me some?

    Abby Lab

  9. TWO more thingys...
    1. Just heard that by Saturday we will be into a STRING of DRY days ... with temps. Near 60° F. Now THAT is good news fur US.
    2. Re: your comment about the Merrick's Big Bones Vs. actual Greenies... We think THESE are better. Mom says they digest better TOO. Ernie can nearly swallow a Greenie Whole... which defeats the Chewing Purpose... THESE he truly does CHEW... Way Back where he needs it MOST.

  10. Glad you both were thinking the same thing! Looks like lots of fun out there on the deck in the warm temps! Hopefully you still get some snow before the winter is over.

  11. Yes Cam I can see why your mom wants to stay on the deck in the 70s!! It is so warm so early in the year. Yall sure have fun in your video....lol

  12. What fun, you lucky girls. I miss having someone to play with, it's very lonely sometimes. If I lived nearer I'd pop in to join in the game. Can three play?

    Inca xx

  13. The warmer weather does bring out the nutty behavior, doesn't it☺

  14. You two always have fun together. We have some warm weather coming our way but that means our back yard will be very sloppy and muddy and we won't be able to play outside much. This time of year snow is always better.

  15. What a fun game of CROG! And how nice you were to let Mom feel part of the action. ;-) I am with you girls. I like the cold. But today is supposed to hit the 60s and this weekend the 70s. Winter, come back!

  16. You all play some pawsome CROG!! We are also very big fans of playing as close to Mama as possible!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  17. BOL love it!!
    Lily & Edward

  18. Playtime! It's the best when it with your BEST friend.