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Thursday, August 17, 2017

PMQs: Heterochromia Iridum and Shoes

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie, here with an installment of Questions to the Prime Minister - or PMQs.  We're glad you wanted to see this "column" revised!  Please remember to ask any questions here in the comments section, zip us an email (see sidebar for address), or leave a comment on Mom's FB page.  Let's get started!

First up is a question from our friend Mr. Mark Albee regarding my heterochromia iridum - or the fact that I'm bi-eyed.  He wanted to know ... "Is it true you can see in to 2 worlds?"

Mr. Albee is referring to an old legend that says those who are bi-eyed can see into Heaven and Earth at the same time.

Heaven on Earth, perhaps, but ... seeing Heaven and Earth?

Alas, I must dispel this myth, though canines do have the ability to read peoples' hearts.  Having different "vision", though ... no.  Having said that, I AM fairly certain my mom (who has two browns) can see through walls, as she always seems to know what I'm doing.  It's kind of freaky.

There's another legend that says that bi-eyed sled dogs are faster than dogs with the same color eyes.  This one I just may well buy into, as I am aces at doing zoomies!  Seriously.  Trust me here.

Our dear friend Molly the AireGirl said, "I would love to know how many pairs of sneakers your mom has, Maggie? She sure does have great taste!"  Mmm.  Sneakers.  Taste.

Oh.  Sorry.  Right.  She probably didn't mean "taste" as a verb there.  Well, the shoes are kept in one of the magic closets around here for some reason.  The doors to said places always seem to be closed.  I have no idea why; let's not even discuss it.  That's all in the past.  And in the trash.  Long gone.  Let me try to sneak in and check out the sneakers.  (Ha - get it?  "Sneak" and "sneakers"?  Moving right along...)

OK!  Molly, I managed to drag out just the Salomons - the ones like the pair you saw yesterday.

"Yeah.  She might have a slight addiction problem."

She's partial to these.  After her fall this Spring, it was especially helpful that you don't have to tie them. Their QUICKLACE™ system has a strong one-pull tightening capability - easy-on, easy-off. That could explain why the number of Salomons went from 1 to 4 during her recovery period.  Please keep in mind Mom very rarely wears anything other than running shoes any more - so whereas other women might have pumps and heels and sandals ... our mom has these.

Yeah.  So ... these are just the Salomons.  I'll get Cam to help me haul out some others.  We might need to find a larger room.  Let's just hope Mom doesn't use that "I Can See You, Maggie" vision of hers.

"Too late.  Hi, Mom.  Who, us?  No, we weren't doing anything."
"I have never chewed a shoe in my life.  And don't worry - I'm watching Maggie."

So, there you have the sneaker collection, Molly.  Come to think of it, there were an awful lot of comments about Mom's shoes yesterday!  This wasn't a question, but my very cool kit-cat friend Ditto made an interesting observation about the pair in the Wordless Wednesday shot!  He said, "...they look like they would make a fun head rest for naps."  Funny you should mention that ...

"Right on, Ditto!  Right on, my kit-cat pal!"

Great minds think alike, Ditto!

Remember, if you have any Questions to the Prime Minister, please send them in! Thanks for some great ones this week!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Maggie and Cammie,
    Your mom could be distantly related to my mom and my sissy...
    I was told when the peeps helped sissy move all her stuffs out of the house after college the entire luggage area of a Ford Taurus Station wagon was filled with Sissy's shoes. Mom had downsized a bit since she retired. However when she buys new walking shoes she buys only the very brightest just like your mom. Dad always buys boring black
    Hugs madi your bfff

    PS our question for the next PMQs
    1. Is what exactly triggers the beginning of the CROGs?
    2. Mom wants to know if you ever found purrty seashells on the shore of the Kansas Ocean

  2. Thank you for your update. Since you are dispelling myths, does your Mom have a foil beanie?

  3. Very interesting about your eyes Maggie! Your mom's shoes are interesting too! Does she always wear shoes? Our mommy never wears shoes unless she's leaving the house (and sometimes as she's headed out the door Daddy has to remind her to put some on!). Our theory is your mom wears them so she's ready to go on walks in a split second!

  4. Your mom has a sneaker addition like my mom seems to have an addiction to buying collars for me! They're both great addictions to have, right☺
    Thank you for showing them to us, Maggie. Mom sees a couple of pair that she really likes! You sure do have the prettiest eyes!

  5. that IS a lot of sneakers....though the quicklace thing made mom think that she made have to suggest those sneakers to our grandma

  6. That's a lot of sneakers but ladies like shoes. And we have the same mom eyes problem here too. It is VERY freaky.

  7. Your Mom has good taste. So Maggie.... how do dey smell?

  8. I don't think that is a lot of sneakers at all-maybe a dozen pairs, but not just what you shared. Maybe two or three dozen would qualify. I have three pairs-all Oasics, but if you asked me about Flip-Flops I would have to plead the fifth-I have many pairs. I also wondered if it is a myth about bi-eyed sibes-a friend has had two Ausies that are bi-eyed and she said that there is a potential to go blind, because it is a genetic flaw. Any truth to that, do you know. I also understand your mom's wanting good shoes after her fall-I am like that in the winter and so concerned about slipping on the ice.
    Thanks for answering questions!
    Noreen and Hunter

  9. Ha ha my mum also seems to always know what I'm doing too!!!! I love chewing shoes - but mum locks me out of the laundry so I can't get to all her tasty sneakers!!! Lots of licks, your new mate Morrie!

  10. We love your bi-eye and it looks like you have a parti-eye, too. Cheesewhiz (er, Cheoah) always likes to meet other parti-bi-eyed dogs because she has two parti-eyes. We think she can see through walls, too, because she magically knows anytime food is out in the kitchen.

  11. What a great column - and we agree with you on Mom's being able to see through walls, and Dad has Superman hearing where he can hear me trying and get the empty cheezit box out of the recyling, snooting for crumbs. Mom is going to check out the shoes - with her busted knee and super wide duck feet she gave up on fashion long ago and went for shoes that look like something Minnie Mouse would wear. Your Mom's shoes are really stylish!

    Abby Lab

  12. Oh gurl, What is it with the Moms???? Ma knows JUST when I'm lickin'...somewhere....and I hear..'RUBY, STOP THAT! sigh. I will try and find out how they do this, and gets back to you. Ma tried those Salmon...um, sorry, SALOMON shoes, butts they didn't fit her freaky feets! They were awfully cute, and she was totally bummed. My Ma also doesn't have any fancy shoes! She has lots of Merrells and Asics and those BearPaw boots! She likes those as slippers, cause she can go outside in the winter in em'. plus, when she hurts her feets (this is inevitable..☺) they are roomy enough not to pinch anything...hehehe. Also, I likes stickin' my snooter in them and leaving slobbers....that always gets a scream of glee! BOL!!!
    Ruby ♥

  13. our momma must be farsighted 'cause she can see through the walls to know when we are up to something yet she can't see right at her feet to not step on our tails...
    yoW, Maggie! your mom has a great head rest...er...I mean shoe assortment. maybe it's a good thing they stay in the magic closet otherwise how would you decide where to nap? I think my head would explode. tee hee! sharpie and I are really good with laces so if your mom ever needs a paw, give us a call.


  14. we love all your mom's shoes.Our mom wears mostly sneakers too
    Hazel & Mabel

  15. Wow girls, that's some pretty smart footwear you've got there !!

    Inca xx

  16. Thanks for answering all those questions. Your mom sure has a lot of sneakers.

  17. OMD, MY momma has brown eyes and can always see what I'm up to too!! You need to ask Cammie if she can do that with her brown eyes too. Maybe it's a special power. Or maybe it's just brown eyed humans?