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Sunday, August 01, 2021

Serene Scenery Sunday

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags!  Before I turn things over to Ragnar, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday!  I really had a blast all day long and your wonderful greetings made a great day even better!  Thank you, friends!

OK, over to Raggi ...

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar.  I guess you knew that already.  Anyway, today we did some exploring on the Kansas State University campus again!  We hit the northeast part of campus first, wound our way here and there, looped around the football stadium, then made our way back to the vehicle.  It was not quite 6 miles, so it was just about perfect, length-wise.  

It wasn't quite as scenic as the other, old part of campus, but I did find something absolutely serene.  And exciting.  And really awesome!!!

"A bridge!!!  A BRIDGE!!!  C'mon, everybody, it's a BRIDGE!!!"
"Oooh, cool find!  Wait up, Ragnar!!!"

I just HAD to cross it! I just love bridges!

"I can't believe you found a bridge!!!  Way to go!"
"This is the BEST part of campus!!!"

Sorry that shot is a little blurry.  I might have been pulling.  I got excited!

Mom's favorite pose of us from today was by the football stadium:

Mags and me!!!

I hope you're having a great Sunday!!! 



  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I love bridges too!
    and I love how excited you get over simple things. :D XOXO

  2. You two look so happy posing by the stadium.

  3. That is a nice bridge. It looks like it would be fun to cross. It rained here so we didn't go out, maybe tomorrow.

  4. You are the most highly educated dogs we know.

  5. Happy belated birthday. Looks like a great walk.