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Monday, August 16, 2021

Yes, It Did Get Even Better!

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags!  Remember how yesterday, as Ragnar was wrapping up our trip to Fort Riley?  How just when he thought the day couldn't get any better ... we found a bridge?!?  Well, guess what?!?  The day got even BETTER later on!!!

When we went out for a potty break after lunch, Mom thought she heard the PA system from the park.  It's about a mile away, but sometimes you can hear things like that.  It could have only meant one thing -- something was going on at CiCo and we NEEDED to check it out!  Dad said we couldn't count on whatever event it was being there Sunday, so we all headed to the park.  And guess what?!?! Junior Rodeo time!!!

"Look at all the kids!  And horses!"
"And cows!!!"

The park was packed with all kinds of FUN!  We really liked these horses, so we sat and admired them for a few minutes.

"Look at those guys, Mags!  Aren't they beautiful?!?"
"I'd love to be friends with them!"

We also saw something we'd never seen before -- the Heel-o-matic 2.0.  When I read it, I thought it was so a steer would heel on a leash or something, then I realized it's so the cowboys and cowgirls can practice their roping skills!

"What a dummy!  Ha roo.  Get it, Raggi?"
"Good one, Mags.  Ha woo."

We kept walking and hit absolute pay dirt!!!

"RAGNAR!  Do you see what I see?!?"
"I see GOATS!"

Yes, but just past the goats were ...

"Oh, BOY!!!"

See what I mean?  Just when you think the day couldn't be better ... you get a bridge ... AND a Junior Rodeo!

We did go back Sunday morning and everyone was still there after all.  I'll fill you in tomorrow!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. We know how much you two love looking at all those farm animals. What a fun time you had.

  2. Anonymous4:55 AM

    what Fun and Excitement!
    you don't bark like crazy... you just Enjoy all your new friends!