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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Serene Scenery Sunday

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats. It's me, Zim, here with Serene Scenery Sunday. Today, I thought we'd take a walk around our garden and see what's going on, OK? Let's go find that inner Zen of Zim!

Remember the new PJM Rhododendron we watched helped Mom and Dad plant out front? Here's a close-up of one of those blooms:

DSCN1071 PJM Rhododendron

Cool color, don't you think? They aren't in bloom any more; we had some pretty wicked storms rip through that took care of that. The high winds also made a lot of pinecones drop. Here's one of them:

DSCN1087 pinecone

I have no idea why Mom took that. Let's have a look around the side of the house, where I like to hang out with my kit-cat pals.

DSCN1144 Mohican Viburnum

The Mohican Viburnum are in bloom! (That's the tall bush in the middle -- that one is about 6 feet tall!) I showed you those buds a couple weeks ago when they were still green - and now look at them!

DSCN1142 Mohican Viburnum

Those blooms last a really long time!

Remember that sort of dirt area by the stairs? Mom planted some Dragon's Blood Sedum in there.

DSCN1145 Dragon's Blood Sedum

They are supposed to spread all over and later on will have bright red flowers on them.  They'll stay real low.  Mom is really happy with them.   Me and Dave just like the name "Dragon's Blood"!  How cool!

OK... let's go see what we can see on the lower deck, OK? You can usually find a shady, cool spot to relax - or a nice sun puddle to soak up some warmth. And over here in this corner...

IMG_1958 Zim

...you can smell the Juddi Viburnum! I showed them to you when they were about to pop open - and look at them now!

DSCN1082 Juddi Viburnum

I wish you could smell them; they have a beautiful scent.

I hope you feel nice and relaxed now. Have a Serene Sunday!

Play bows,


  1. What glorious f;owers.

    Happy Sunday :-)

  2. You have some very beaautiful blooms there and how lovely to have them all around you. Gorgeous. Hugs GJ x

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful Zim! It's nice to see all your hard work payin off! We hope you had time to rest today too!

  4. They all look so beautiful!! Definitely makes me feel more serene!


  5. Ahhhhhh! Yup, we're much more serene now. thanks, pups!

    jack & moo

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - we love the smell of Viburnum! The picture of the pinecone is just incredible!
    What beautiful pictures, guys!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Hi Zim!
    Beautiful blooms there! We can almost smell them from here!! :)


    P.s - Mommy's still trying to find out the name of the yellow blooms on our Saturday post. We'll let you in once we know!

  8. Your flowers sure are beautiful. Bet they smell good too
    Benny & Lily

  9. I can almost smell the viburnum from here!


  10. Your yard is very beautiful. I am sure that you had a paw in the design.