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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sneak Attack!

Woo, everypup and everycat (except for a certain bully!) - it's me, Dave!  As you could tell from Zim's Wordless Wednesday post, Maude the Bully Cat is getting mighty bold!  Yes, that was her knocking on our front door!!!  Can you believe that!?!?  We have more pix from that episode; we might post them later. She's got a lot of nerve.  I know everyone is attracted to Zim, he's got that magnetism that pulls all of us in,  but Maude the Bully Cat acts all sweet, then BAM!  She hisses and arches her back and acts all bully-like! She's just not a nice cat.  Take the other evening, for example ...

I was out in the front yard with Mom, helping her take pix of the peonies. Here's one:

DSCN1380 Peony Bud
One of Mom's peony pix that I helped with

She was trying to zoom way in and get a picture of a bug on a peony petal and needed me to give her more slack on the leash. (She can't be trusted out front off-lead.) I wouldn't budge. Mom couldn't figure out why - so she looked through my sights -- um... I mean between my pointy ears...

DSCN1384 Dave
"It's the Bully Cat!"

Maude the Bully Cat was trying to sneak up on me!!! What have I ever done to her!?!?

She just kept coming. Closer and closer...

DSCN1385 Dave
....and closer!

Mom told her "No!" but she must be part Siberian or something, because she just blew off everything Mom was saying. She got right about here:

DSCN1386 Dave
"Whoa, there, Bully Cat!  You really don't want to do this!!!"

...then launched at me, hissing and doing that arched back thing.  What the ....!!!

Needless to say, Mom stopped taking pix and made me go inside.  She doesn't want me to pull and re-injure my shoulder/neck -- and apparently doesn't want Maude to get hurt, even though she's a BULLY!!!

Anyway, she laid in a sneak attack on me again yesterday evening - then beat a retreat into our garage when I told her off.  That's all well and good, only that was how we were supposed to get back inside ... so Dad had to come out and rescue us.  That bully cat is really pushing her luck!

The moral of this story is that Mom should always take me and Zim out together so we can guard each other's six.  Or sixes.  Or ... whatever.  Beware of bully cats wherever you live!



  1. We have to admit, mom was fooled by the cute in yesterday's pic. Glad that you set us straight on miss Maude cattitude. Some girls just can't be trusted.....

  2. I bet Maude was humming (purring?) the Jaws theme as she was sneaking closer...Be careful, Dave!

  3. Goodness those ears were standing to attention Dave!
    We have had a few feline encounters ourselves and that arched back and hissing usually means they don't want to play! Maude is a bully but we agree nobody should get hurt - those claws they have are very sharp - Martha has had a couple of whacks from our neighbour!
    That was a very pretty peony.

  4. What a terrible bully she is! Make sure she stays out of the house forever!

  5. I can't believe my eyes! Woo better keep a good watch on that one...


  6. That is one brave cat to mess with you Sibes! She sure isn't very nice. I'm glad you two are looking out for each other!


  7. Anonymous3:03 PM

    oh man, those cats are eVERYWHERE! there are a lot here in CH... and Juno loves to try to irradicate the world of them. she's often seen cat-catching the neighbor's 2 cats. one day Loki barked at the cat next door from the yard and the next thing you know there was a cat in the tree... don't know HOW or why he got up there (ooopsie...) (but seriously, i don't encourage cat chasing or cat bullying even when the cats are pushy too!)

  8. Alright, this is just becoming too much to take. That Cat is taking advantage of being stringless and is a little too full of herself. She must be taught a lesson.

    Hiding in your own garage, oh the humanity.

    Remy and Flash

  9. Oohhh Maude!
    So what I thought was a friendly wave was really her shaking her fist calling you boys out! Man... the nerve of her!

  10. I am sending Teddy to you right now to deal with her, Davy. He is a big bully so he knows what to do. You won't see her for dust once Teddy has dealt with her.


  11. Beware of Bully cats! :)


  12. Maude better watch herself because one day she might get a taste of her own medicine! Just sayin'

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Well that Maude is one crazy, bully cat to be picking on you Dave! I do know that kitties do sneak attacks but I don't think my sisfurs know how to hiss since they never have. I'm sure glad they aren't bullies like Maude!


  14. The nerve of Ms Maude!
    Glad you went back to home.
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Hear Hear!
    There's a kitty kat at our garden below too and it's been trying to claw me countless times!

    Wished Zackt was here so we can work on a strategy together or scheme up something to get that kitty kat!!


  16. Oh my word...its a hoodlum
    Benny & Lily

  17. Oh my GOD, Dave!! My heart was pounding in my mouth as I read your story! What a scary experience! Maude is a big bully alright! I thought you were incredibly calm and brave to just sit there like that without reacting - I would have got so over-excited - especiall if kitties puff up & hiss at me - it just makes me even more excited! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  18. Maybe your peeps need to arm themselves with spray bottles full of water - just to keep the cat from coming to close!


  19. Maude sure is one brave kitty!