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Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Making of a Star, Part 3

(We're going to count Word Up Wednesday as Part 2.  Part 1 was Tuesday.)

Yo, s'up, pups and cool cats.  The Zimsta-Gator comin' at you.  You're in for a real treat today, 'cuz I'm releasing my first Rap Song.  Blogger is dissin' my vids, so I'm puttin' it to paper for you.  Have one of your peeps rap it out loud for you!  Are you ready?!?

IMG_4341 Zim
Gatherin' my thoughts before my rap

'Sta-Gator Rap #1

Ya, I try to be so good
Like a S-S-Sibe should
But this incision really itches,
Word up, man-pups and uh... girl pups.
So I gots to wear the Party Hat
See what I'm sayin' 'bout that -
Cone of Shame's not where it's at!
The Lampshade's not for this cool cat!
So I gave it a new name
So it's not so very lame!
Yo, yo, yo!  I'm in the Hoodie.

IMG_4342 Zim
IMG_4343 Zim

And now, word from my mom!

Thank you ... umm ... 'staGator Z.  Hi readers! You may remember that the boys took a blog break back in August. The short story is that Zim had to have another surgery. You know we like to keep the blog up-beat, so I haven't said anything here. Zim is doing very well, except that he still can't leave his incision alone. Because he still wants to "help" it, if we aren't walking him or don't have eyes directly on our charming, yet fast and sneaky Siber-boy, he is still wearing the "Comfy Cone". We've taken some steps to make sure he doesn't see it as a negative and try to make it as positive of an experience as we can.  Hopefully, you can now understand our game of Zim being a "Rap Star".  If Zim sees something as "cool", he's all for it.  :)  But seriously, he's doing very well, so let's just get on to celebrating life!!! Thanks - KZK.  Back to you, Zim Dawg!

Aw, shucks.  Thanks, Mom.

IMG_4344 Zim
Even rap stars have sensitive sides!

I think I need some artwork for my first CD cover.  Maybe DayV can come up with something for me!  He's a really good artist.

Play bows -- I mean Yo!
The Notorious SGT Zim


  1. You rock, my friend! Love the song!

  2. DayV will help, he knows colors good. Zim dawg forget about itchin' and keep on rappin'

    The silvers and more

  3. Zim no matter what is going on, you still are the most handsome and intelligent rapper I have ever heard. Please stop licking your incision, cause well like just maybe it will heal faster, etc. We need more of your rapper sound.

  4. That made me laugh so much, ZimmieZ!


  5. Look out P Diddy, the Zimsta-Gator is going to be the next rap star - Paw Diddy! We loved your rap Zim!

    We're glad you are doing well and hope your incision heals up soon so you aren't itchy.

  6. the song is awesome!! nothing wrong with wearing the cone of shame for a little bit :)

  7. Yow! and yo, Notorious Zimsta! what a pawsome rap! Our doggy-bro has a hoodie like yours :-) and when he had his paw fixed, he got an,er, extended sentence for similar reasons! go easy on your stitchies and we hope you're working that look for bonus cookies!
    Purrs from alla us,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  8. awesome!! We're ready to sing, I mean rap
    Benny & Lily

  9. Rap??? I guess Maui and I could learn this thing. About the only music we know is Neil (Mom's been obsessed since he got away and she got Dad). So we'll hang around the Treasures for a while and see what they can teach us. You know teenagers.......they know everything. Carry on, Sarge - roo roo roo!

  10. what a sweet songs, I love music too, it make me feel so relax.

    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  11. It's always good to find a distraction while you're recovering. Who new yours would turn you into a star!?!? Very impressive.

    Puppy Love,

  12. Oh! That s'plains it!

    hope you loose the hood soon, Zimsti Gator!
    jack & moo

  13. Yo, Zimmie... oh Zimsta-Gator!

    You're pawesome with your get-up
    and you got attention of all pups
    If you need some help the piappies are ready to go rappin!
    Let's not think of the itchies and just rap to get lots of treaties!

    Ok, we don't rap as good as you do, Zimmie but you got our paws up for you!

    We also love your cd cover design! Go DayV!!!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie (Tabby, too)

  14. Hope you feel better soon Zim. :)