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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Hills Are A-Live....

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats!  It's me, Zim!  As I mentioned the other day, we had a sunny, warm weekend, so we got out and did lots of walking!  I had Mom take some pictures of us - especially to show our friend Mango - he seems to think all of Kansas is flat.  Flat!?!  Not in our part of Kansas!  We're in the Flint Hills region, so we have plenty of hills!  Check out this picture of Dave and me:

IMG_5630 Dave and Zim

Look at that hill in front of us! Doesn't it just make you want to break out into that Julie Andrews song? Or do a little yodeling?!?  Well, let's keep walking!

IMG_5631 Zim

Can you see what I've spotted? Take a closer look!

IMG_5634 Zim
"Hey, little kit-cat!  I'm Zim!  Want to be friends?!?"

A new kit-cat friend!!!  How exciting is that?!?

We kept walking after I communed with my new friend for a while. Dave wanted Mom to take a pic of this hill for Mango:

IMG_5637 Dave
"I think the world might end right there..."

Anyway, so Mango - those are some of our hills!  We may not have cool mountains (though it would be great if we could get some - we could probably fit them in right by the Kansas Ocean), but we do have hills!

Play bows,


  1. That was a great walk....not nearly nice enough here right now to do that.

  2. OH my, those are some pretty steep hills you got there. (just kidding)

    Sorry, but I agree with Mango, Kansas is flat......

    But My Vickie says that sometday she might do a road trip and head that way in the spring cause she says it is beautiful in the spring and summer to drive through Kansas.

    Plus it doesn't take as much gas to drive in Kansas than it does in Utah. all those really big up and downs can eat up gas pretty fast.

    OK, through rambling.


  3. Do you have a lot of trees in your area? There seem to be a lot of bare hills around.


  4. Did you make friends with the cat? I might have pulled MOM's arm off. I don't do to well with the kitties.

  5. Kitties are GREAT! Are you sure they aren't mountains? Great pics!

  6. Zim, you have more hills in your neighborhood than we do. The closest thing we have are the freeway over-passes, mol! At least we can see some hills and mountains from our house. Have fun!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  7. Those hills are definitely steep enough to get you panting, guys!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. with the sound of music ;-)

  9. Zim, maybe that kitty was your Christmas present! There sure seems to be a lot of kitties there! And our mommy says there are lots of hills in your neck of the woods. We've never been there but she has so we'll believe her.

  10. I'm thinking I should move to Kansas. Those hills look just right for me to pursue my physical therapies. Dr. Starr is always nagging me to walk up hills. Whatever.

    I worry about that one that appears to drop of the edge of the earth. Maybe not such a good idea to go up that one.


    P.S. Thanks for the education.

  11. Nice!!
    So did the kat khome over and said hello?
    Was he or she friendly?


  12. do you believe that kitty trying to hide....nutty
    Benny & Lily

  13. Hills and Cats, that is all you need!! (and cookies)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  14. What great hills!! Hope you guys are hanging in there with the big snow storm you got.

  15. Hills are fun for walking

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. Thanks for taking us on a tour, you have some beautiful hills in your area. :)