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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vet Trip!

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave!  Back in June, I told you about a trip I had to our vet school.  I showed you a couple pictures of me and one of the senior vet students - Amy!  Anyway, I've gone back to the vet school a few times since then, and even if she's not on my case or even assigned to the clinic that I'm going to, Amy tries to come see me!  She wants to have a Siberian just like me one day - and until the time is right for her, I am more than happy to be a stand-in!

Anyway, I had to go in for a recheck for something yesterday and my very wonderful senior student Janelle had given my Amy a heads up that I was coming in!  So even though she wasn't on the Pet Health clinic ... look at who I got to see!!!

IMG_5675 Dave and Amy
Me and my Amy!

YES! It's my Amy!!! Look at how happy I was to get hugs and tummy rubs and ear scratchies from her:

IMG_5676 Dave and Amy
I my Amy!

I know I shouldn't play favorites ... and I haven't met a senior student or veterinarian or staff member or anyone at KSU that I haven't liked ... but I think Amy might just be my favorite senior student.  

We got a good report, then I went outside and posed by this statue:

IMG_5679 Dave
We should sculpt a statue of me and my Amy!

You can't really see the statue very well, but you can click this link for a good look at it and read more about it here.  It's called "A Kind Touch" and it's mighty special.

In other news, about that 6-12 inches of snow (they kept changing the amount we were going to get) forecasted for our area...

Here I am on one of our walks this morning:

IMG_5701 Dave
"Something seems to be lacking here..."

We had a "wintry mix" all night, then snow this morning.  It's still coming down, but ... well, let's just say it was a hard storm to predict, accumulation-wise.  Hmm.

Here's Zim:

IMG_5702 Zim
"How's a guy supposed to build a really cool snow fort in this?!?"

You might have to wait a bit to build that really cool snow fort, little brother!  Woo!

I hope all of you had a good Monday!



  1. Dave and Amy sitting in a tree...Haroooo!!!!! Dave, woo is in love wif dat girl! It's ok. Woo is such a handsome boy, girls of all species will fall at your feet! Glad the report was good! And Zim, we hope woo get that fort soon! Let it snow!!!


  2. Dat Amy looks pretty special...

    While we don't like the snow, a fort does sounds like fun!! Glad Dave got a good report and we hope Zim gets his wish for a fort!!

  3. We bet Amy was just as happy to see you as you were to see her! We're glad you got a good report too Davy! We hope you get more snow for Christmas boys!

  4. It's the best to see those we love. She looks real nice. I don't think there is enough snow to even make a snowman let a lone a fort. hope you get more.

  5. Woo Hoo your girl went out of her way to see you, girls like that are special. Glad your check up was good. Zim, we can't wait to see your fort.

    The silvers and more

  6. You must have studied hard to get a good report Davy. Shame about the snow but I bet your mum wasn't overly upset.


  7. Your vet looks really nice. My vet is nice too. Have you heard....Mr. Winter went right by me this year. My snow business is suffering greatly....I may have to lay off some of my workers. So sad....no snow AT ALL! I do believe I will be mowing the yard on Christmas! AND yes, I live in MINNESOTA!

  8. Aw, we like your Amy too! Woo look so happy showing her off!
    Snow? Looks like a start, and its an inch more than we have! (We have 0) hope woo have enough snow so we can see Zim building one of his cool forts really soon!


    jack & moo

  9. We heard reports on our radio that KS got 10 inches of snow - just not at your house, huh!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Dave, the first picture of you with Amy really melted our mom's heart :) You are lucky to have such wonderful vet people. While ours are terrific too, we are just so skeered we don't necessarily notice! We hope you'll get enough snow by Christmas so Zim can build his fort.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  11. I heard about your snowstorm. Yikes. I am sure you two are happy as can be, but I am glad that I am only seeing snow in photos.

    You look absolutely love struck in that photo with your senior vet lady. I hope she had lots of good news for you.


  12. I'm glad that you not only got to see some snow, but Amy too! Amy sure does look like a wonderful human!


  13. how cool is that. Our cousin from NJ (moms neice) started school at KSU this year. She will be attending V-E-T program.
    Benny & Lily

  14. Its so great that Amy tries to come see you!

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. Wow, 6-12" of snow? We haven't received much snow at all, not even enough to cover the grass yet.