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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Wednesday's Walk!

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me - Dave.  We aren't confused about the day of the week again, I just wanted to share some pix with you from the really great walk Zim and I took Mom on yesterday afternoon!  It was warm out (about 50℉ - or maybe 10℃) with a lot of wind.  I mean even for here a lot of wind -- maybe around 40 mph gusts, I think.  Anyway, what better reason to go for a nice, long walk - right?  Let's go!

Here's Zim on the way out:

IMG_5374 Zim

Isn't the sky cool? And check out those warm, Fall-like colors on the prairie!

Anyway, we kept going up that slight hill, then Zim looked across the street and sent Mom a mind-meld message that we should go over there.

IMG_5375 Dave and Zim
"You know you want to go over there ... go ... go now ..."

She actually gave in and took us over there! There is a cool path that goes down near Little Kitten Creek -

IMG_5382 Dave and Zim

Doesn't it look cool?!?  In the mornings, we often see deer in this area!  (The building up there on the right is a hospice center - it's sad that there is a need for that kind of facility, but they really have a beautiful setting for it.)

Anyway, we turned around shortly after Mom shot that picture - we were charged by an off-lead dog (yes, it's against our local ordinances to do that ... ) and we needed to get out of there.  We still had a great walk, though - look at where we went next!

IMG_5389 Dave and Zim

Can you see it down there?!?! It's the Kansas Ocean!!! We hadn't been there in a while (other than the first walk of the day when it's usually pretty dark out still), so it was great to take in all the sights and smells!

I struck a pose by the ocean for Mom:

IMG_5392 Dave
My serious side

I looked so solemn that Mom thought I needed a bit of this:

IMG_5395 Dave

Actually, it's just that the sun was in my eyes ... but I'm always up for some snuggly ear rubbies!  Woo.

Zim will have a few more pix from our walk for you tomorrow!  Thanks for coming with us!



  1. Thanks for taking us along with you on your sunny windy day walk. Nice pics. Sorry to hear about the off leash dog. That can be NOT good. We have met some too.
    Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. What a nice day and nice views. Glad the wind didn't whisk you away! We occasionally run into off-leash dogs on our walks, too. That can be pretty annoying sometimes.

  3. What a great walk (ok except that dog thing). Mom wishes she could have joined you - it is just COLD here!!

  4. Wonderful walk, Dave! ...and yes, you threw us off - we thought we were ahead a day!


  5. Great walk.
    We don't get to see great views like you got, here in the desert. We love walking with you. Thanks

    The silvers and more

  6. What beautiful colors. Bet you like those cool crisp days
    Benny & Lily

  7. MOM and I love going along on your walks.

  8. I really needed a walk today....it rained and snowed last night so was too slippery out today....thanks for taking me with you! LOVE the shots!

  9. What a lovely walk! Love the ocean and hand snuggle shots!

  10. I can't believe a rude dog charged at you. Some owners are very naughty.

  11. You guys always have the most gorgeous walkies!
    Hey, you won a mini-mitten! We already have your address because our moms love flowers so if you haven't move recently, we're all set with that! Congratulations!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. You always have such nice walks :-)

  13. It looks like a beautiful day for a walk to see the Fall-like colors and the Kansas Ocean! There's so many fun things to see plus you get ear rubs! We couldn't believe you mentioned a hospice because our mommy's Grandma was put into a hospice in Topeka today. We're all sad but it's a nice place too.

  14. WE are so jelous. We can't go for walks today because the winds are so bad, it is likely you would be pummled by falling debrie.

    You look so good in the picture wher eyou posed by the ocean.


  15. Beautiful!! We soo enjoyed that walk!!
    Thanks for taking us along!


  16. Always good to see the Kansas ocean. Looks like high tide. I hate those off leash doggies all charing around like everybody's business.

    Send some of that warm weather my way. Please!


  17. Maybe you should tell Frankie's peps where the deer are since they are out hunting them. :)

  18. What a wonderful walk

    Stop on by for a visit