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Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Finish Friday

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave!  I thought I'd show you some highlights from the week for Photo Finish Friday.  Sound good?  Let's take a look at some of the more outstanding events Zim and I shared!

First - did Zim mention that after my nap the other day, Mom cracked open a cold, juicy watermelon!?!?

IMG_9158 Dave and Zim
"Sure... leave the room.  You can trust us, Mom.  Really."
"Zim.  Dad's standing right THERE!"

We waited very patiently and politely until Mom cut us each a little bite.  For the record, I'm not sure if Dad sat first before he got his taste.  Hmm...

We also did a lot of this, early in the day, over the course of the week:

IMG_9193 Dave and Zim
Me and my kid brother Zimmie

Notice I'm not wearing the harness?  We had a deluge the other night and Mom took it off so it wouldn't get soaking wet.  I'm doing so well in just my collar, that we're giving it a go.  (Shh!  Don't tell my vet!!!)

We also did plenty of one of my favorite things:

IMG_9169 Dave and me

Yep - watched TV together!  I forget what was on...

The early mornings are still cool enough for coffee on the deck!

IMG_9121 Dave
"Zim, there's a grey and white cat walking through our yard..."

IMG_9122 Zim
"Yeah... that's White Socks.  I told him he could hang out here.
Hey, White Socks!" 

Mom didn't get a picture of White Socks.  He's even more elusive than The Limestone Cat.  She just wasn't fast enough on the draw.

Zim decided he and I should go to Stonehenge for the big Summer Solstice thing.

IMG_9238 Dave
"Look, Zim!  There it is!  Stonehenge!"

According to some of the news reports we saw/read, some people claim it was raining at Stonehenge.

IMG_9237 Zim
"Clearly those bipeds didn't go to the REAL Stonehenge, Dave!"

They need Zim as their navigator!!!

Those are a lot of the highlights from our week, as captured by Mom's iPhone.  Oh ... one more thing ...  did I mention she cracked open an icy cold watermelon for us?!?

IMG_9157coloredpencil Dave and Zim
"Hi, Mom.  How's tricks?  Don't you need to do something in the other room?"
"Hi, Dad.  Whatcha watching'?..."

Do we look any more trustworthy via special effects?  Ha woo.

I hope you had as much fun this week as we did!



  1. mmmmm - that watermelon looks good!!! you guys looks very relaxed on the deck. :)

  2. Oh how I love watermelon. I'm all drooooooly now. I have coffee to with MOM on the patio almost every morning. Sometimes it's not even light out yet. Hope your weekend is a cool one. I heard you might get cooler weather, hope so. As for me it will reach 100 this weekend. It's enough to make a dog want to go in the deep end of Bert's swimming hole.

  3. Wally Melon WALLY MELON... Dave I could NOT get beyond the WALLY MELON pawt... about that DAD and not doin a SIT before he got a taste... I think just this ONCE you could overlook it.. butt keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't think he can get by with that.. again.

  4. You made me laugh. Those faces staring at the watermelon are hilarious.

    Best photo is still of Dave hugging a leg. Haha. He is such a cuddler.

  5. Oooh, that watermelon sure does look tasty! I'll have to convince Momma to pick some up at the store this weekend.

  6. Except for hurried potty breaks it is too hot here to let the boys out. We've been giving the horses cold watermelon to help in the middle of the day and they are really enjoying it.


  7. We gotta put watermelon on our mom's shopping list! Yours is making us drool, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. You boys had a real action packed week. I bet that watermelon was great after a walk.


  9. Nope.
    My week was not as interesting as yours!
    That watermelon sure looks yummy!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Watermelon Yum we have never had it, but I think we will try it.

    The silvers and more

  11. I never knew Stonehenge was so close to the ocean. Guess I should have payed closer attention during those geography lessons.

    I would totally leave you alone with the watermelon. I know that your humans might be surprised to find less of it when they returned to the kitchen, but anything could happen, right? Just tell them it evaporated.


  12. We also love watermelon! It's really weird how the humans don't trust us. I have no idea why.


  13. my pups have never had watermelon. Evil, I know

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. I think you ALWAYS look trustworthy. And what was that about Dad not sitting before he got his watermelon? Might have to go back to basics with his training.