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Friday, June 01, 2012

Photo Finish Friday - A Trip to the Ocean!

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave!  Like Zim told you yesterday, we've had a change in the weather - and cooler temps the other day meant a trip to the Kansas Ocean for us!  I thought I'd show you the highlights for Photo Finish Friday!  Are you ready?  Let's cross the trans-oceanic bridge ...

IMG_8677 Dave
Me, Dave, on the trans-oceanic bridge!

... then hit the beach!

Mom asked Zim if he was enjoying our afternoon at the beach.  This is the response she got:

IMG_8678 Zim
My kid brother and best friend, Zim.  At the Kansas Ocean.

I'd say that was a resounding 'yes', wouldn't you?

(Note that Zim and I were wearing our rather beachy-looking leashes!)

Here's how happy I was:

IMG_8684 Dave

I was enjoying the ocean breezes blowing through my fur, and was taking in all the wonderful sights and sounds!  ... and smells!

IMG_8685 Dave and Zim
"Zimmie!  Check this out!"
"Oh, wowzers!"

I think bipeds miss out on a lot of cool stuff sometimes.

We did some walking on the boardwalk:

IMG_8687 Dave
On the boardwalk
Check out the huge waves in the ocean behind me!

... and did some walking on the beach:

IMG_8689 Dave and Zim
"This is the best, isn't it, Zim?!?"
"You know it, Davy!"

Before we headed home, Mom took a series of shots of us boys up on the boardwalk.  Here's probably the best one:

IMG_8692 Dave and Zim
Me and Zim at the Kansas Ocean

Mom used an app on her iPhone to make a really cool postcard, then enhanced it a bit in PSE9.  Here it is:

IMG_8697 Dave and Zim

Zim thinks they'll sell like hotcakes in one of the quaint gift shops along the boardwalk!  Especially once he gets his sightseeing business off the ground!  Woo.

I hope you enjoyed going to the Kansas Ocean with us!



  1. You boys sure look like you enjoyed your trip to the ocean.


  2. Umm...do they sell funnel cakes on your boardwalk? mmmmm....funnel cakes.


  3. Great ocean pictures, we think they will sell out quickly.

    The silvers and more

  4. I know me and MOM would buy a few. Do they have surfing on that ocean with it's big waves?

  5. Wow, guys, I felt like I was THERE! I'm so impressed. I can't wait for your tour business to get up off the ground.

  6. what a great adventure....wish we could have joined you (and we think the postcard would sell like crazy)

  7. The looks on your faces is priceless. You make me want to give up everything and go back home to my pets so that I can take them out on adventures too.

    If only life could be as wonderful and simple like the way you guys see it...but your blog reminds that we can make it simple and wonderful;)

    PS. Your mummy takes very beautiful photos of you two:)

  8. Zim has a laughing face:)

  9. That looks like a super duper time was had... butt somehow I (Frankie Furter) thought you would be diggin fur fossils!!!

  10. We always look forward to your visits to the KC Ocean! You always are so very happy your pictures!!


  11. I am only curious as to why so few people go visit the Kansas Ocean. Do you need permission from someone to go there, like maybe the President of Kansas? The post card is a doozy and I am sure it will sell once you get a few people to visit you there.



  12. That was a fun trip to the Kansas Ocean! If it hadn't cooled down you might have been able to ride those waves. Maybe you can later this summer! :) We love your postcard!

  13. We thought that was your ocean. Hope it was a fun trip
    Benny & Lily

  14. What wonderful photos - you two look like you had the best time ever!


  15. LOVE that picture of you, Zimmie! You look so handsome! So you do, Davy.


  16. A bridge across the ocean is so much more civilized than a tunnel. Hope you wore your sun block.