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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Backyard Fun

Greetings to all, it's me, Maggie.  In addition to our long walks lately, Cam and I have also been doing a lot of other things to keep busy.  One of our favorite things is to have one-on-one playtime in the backyard with Mom.  I thought I'd show you some backyard photos today - are you ready?  Let's take a look at some shots of Cammie first!  These pix are from a couple days ago.

Some of our lilacs are in bloom, so Cam sat and took in their sweet fragrance:

"I love the smell of lilacs!"

After that, she sat under the Amur Maples to think deep thoughts:

"That Schnauzer better not come any closer to our fence line..."

She likes to walk around with Mom, maybe trot a bit, but mostly she wants to be right by Mom.

"❤ Hi, Mom!  "
Cammie! ❤"

That makes both of them happy. Wow. I just noticed Aunt Cammie wasn't on a leash back there. Hmm.  And the way she's looking at Mom?  I know that look!  Mom had treats in her pocket; I just KNOW it!

Anyway ... here is Cam, posing on some chunks of limestone under the Purple Ash tree:


She looks happy, doesn't she?  Once she and Mom got out of the fenced-in part of the yard to come back up top, she struck this pose:

Cammie - Head of Security at Ao4 Headquarters

Yeah. Don't mess with Cam!

OK. When I go back there, I like to run, run, run a lot! There's also this magical place called "under the deck" where I like to go. There are wonderful things to snarf under there and I can't hear my mom calling me and calling me when I'm under there. Well, check that -- I can, it's just really easy to ignore her! So ... since Mom is on to me, I have to wear a 25-foot lead in the yard. That's OK with me - it still gives me LOTS of freedom -- like this:


Oh. Well, Mom doesn't actually hold on to the leash -- but she could -- so I have been behaving very nicely lately. (You know -- the old "build up a misplaced sense of trust" thing. That leash will come off; when it does, it's back to the magic of the under-the-deck world for me! Shh! Don't tell my mom!)

And now - it's confession time. I've been playing FETCH! Not Siberian Fetch -- the real kind! Mom throws a toy and I bring it back. It's so fun, I just can't help myself! I even drop it at her feet! I don't know what's come over me - but I love it! Here are some action shots:

Fetching on the upper tier

Fetching on the middle tier

Bringing it on home

Can you tell I was getting a bit tired in that last shot? After two 2-miles walks, zoomies in the house with Cam, and a hearty round of Fetch, I do get a little bit weary. Not a lot, but a little. I decided to stop and pose under the lilac bush like Cammie did:

My serious look

Mom and Dad call that my "Prime Minister Look".  I'm just being me!

Thanks for playing in the backyard with us!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

PS:  For more pix of Cam in the yard that day, click here.  For more pix of me in the yard, please click here!


  1. Hi there, Love getting caught up. I'm hoping our Lilac will be in bloom when we get home. It is so beautiful here though; I saw Val yesterday for a few minutes. Love seeing friends up close. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. lovely lovely pictures of the two of woo playing outside. i have to say, Cam's turquoise collar & leash are to die for - the absolute perfect color for her beautiful furs!

    And don't feel embarrassed about the whole "fetch" thing... woo are still a pup, give it time & woo will realize that its even more fun to play Siberian Fetch & watch your humans go pick up the toys! Ha-roo roo rooo!

    snooter kissies,
    Jack & Moo

  3. You sure were having fun playing in your yard. You lilac bush is so pretty.

  4. You girls are so beautiful. Cam is going Cammando (leashless) and Maggie's playing fetch. Imagine!

  5. Oh yea that was fun fun fun. Soon Mags you will be leash free. I love being leash free. It's so so... well freeing.

  6. My Mom tells me that I play Siberian fetch all the time, and I am a labrador and spaniel mix!

    We sure miss knowing Zim is around, and we are sure you miss him terribly too. Such a rare character was Zim!

    Stella and her Mom

  7. We just adore that first picture! You really do look like you're taking in all of the intoxicating aroma, Cammie! Great pictures, girls!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. BOL BOL selective hearing is one of our fav pastimes. You look very PM like MT. Have a serene Sunday and let us all partake of some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. I know all about that "misplaced sense of trust" thing. Lovely photos!

  10. What beautiful pictures of you. :)

  11. Love the pictures - Maggie is so regal and knows how to pose and Cammie is just gorgeous. Love that first picture as it got me in the mood for serene Sunday. Thanks!

  12. Love the pictures - Maggie is so regal and knows how to pose and Cammie is just gorgeous. Love that first picture as it got me in the mood for serene Sunday. Thanks!

  13. Wow, Cammie, that shot of you running to your momma just makes us SMILE! I can see how much you love her.