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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Girl Time!

Greetings to all, it's me, Maggie!  Yesterday started out like lots of days here at Ao4 Headquarters - I took my dad on a 2-mile walk.  It was great fun, except that Mom accused us of going out for espresso drinks; I wasn't tired in the slightest and did great zoomies when we got back!  That was great fun as well.  Dad left to play golf, leaving us girls here to do girl things.  Here's what we decided to do:

"I'm ready to roll, Mom."
"Good to go, Mom."

Mom decided we should head to the Hudson Trail! It sounded like a good idea to us!

Here we are at the entrance to the first leg of the trail:

"Ha roo!"
"Wait.  Some-pup's been here ... "

I jumped up on the limestone, while Cammie checked for messages at the base. Here I am on another chunk of limestone:

"Anyone down there?"
"Alles klar, Herr Kommissar!"

I think Cammie listens to too much 80s music.  Anyway, Mom likes to check down the trail first, to see if anyone is down there. There wasn't, so we hiked all the way to the end of that part. It was fun, but uneventful.

When we got to the next section, Mom said we could hike down there, too!

"Hey, Cammie!  Do you feel like the Beatles?"
"Ha roowooroo!"

I thought we had a little Abbey Road thing going on there.

I saw some squirrels on that leg of the trail.

"Hello, little squirrels!"

You can't see them, but there were two or three of them running around on one of the trees. It was exciting! (Cammie didn't see them; she was staring at some people with baby strollers.  She didn't care for the baby strollers, so she stared at them.  She's really good at being Head of Security, isn't she?)

When we got to the end of that section of the trail, Mom said we could hike the third part, too!

"I love this part of the trail!"
"I do, too!"

We've seen this all over the areas where we walk:

"Strange.  Very strange."

See that white powder? Odd. Most of the piles don't have a flag by them like that one does. They're on the streets, sidewalks, and trails where we walk. Mom asked a guy who marks utility lines if he knows anything about them and he said they don't mark with white powder, nor do the other utility companies. Mom's afraid it's something that could hurt us if we eat it (and hey, I'm a puppy - the world is my dinner bowl) - have any of you seen things like that where you live?

Anyway - let's move on!

Me and Cam on the trail

We love the third part of the trail.

When we got to the next part:

"Did anyone bring our canteen?"
"Let's hike the next part, too!  It's HILLY!"

We were at the 1-mile mark and Mom was ready to head home.  Maybe next time!

"Look, Mom!  The way home is downhill!
Well ... then it's uphill again ... and more uphill from there ... and ...

Mom says Cam and I are great work-out buddies! We love the walks as much as she does.

Thanks for coming with us! Who's ready to go again?!?

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Did you go out on that beautiful hike before or after the espresso drinks?
    Lily & Edward

  2. Your Mom and ours sound alike - Mom says lets go for a little walk - and then she says we can go a bit further and a bit further and before you know it...we have done an all morning hike :)

  3. That sounded like a great walk all girls together and you got to see 2 squirrels. Lucky you MT. Wonder what the white powder is about? Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. we are gonna go take a nap - we get tired just watching you girls walk that far. MOL

  5. My mom NEEDS an expresso today! We have nevers seen powder like that except on the bathroom floor cos our mom likes baby powder after hers bath....cough..cough...
    stella rose

  6. Looks like you guys had a great time on your walk.

    Not sure what that powder is either but good idea to not eat it.

  7. Mags, do you ever get tired? It is good you take both your mom and dad on walks though! Cammie is excellent as Head of Security! Keep an eye on those little sticky people!

  8. Well now Girrrrrls that was a most INTERESTING and Healthy Walk you took. Wonder what that white powder is??? Maybe it is somthingy the SQUIRRELS have put out fur some DEVIOUS SQUIRRELY reason.

  9. That is a good walk. I don't know anything about white powder, sorry.

  10. That white powder is very mysterious - maybe a spill of some lime? Best to keep away like your Mom said. We got to go for our walk earlier than usual today because it was a hot one here. We were all ready for a big bowl of cold water when we got home.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Gotta love a girl day, looks like it was fun. I wish I could walk two of mine at once for extended periods of time.

  12. Oh my, just reading about your walk and seeing the pictures of how much you walked makes me tired. You are definitely good workout buddies!

  13. Oh my, just reading about your walk and seeing the pictures of how much you walked makes me tired. You are definitely good workout buddies!

  14. WooHoo....I'm ready, I'm ready!!


  15. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Wow, TWO walkies in one day!? I want to come visit your house. Well, maybe not. I'd miss Mom and Dad and my toys and stuff.

    It's really pretty where you walk, though.

    My mom said she likes the Abbey Road thing, whatever that means.

    ♥ Behr Behr :)

  16. That sounds like a totally pawesome walk!

  17. hee hee! pawsome walkies, Maggie! we would've needed a 20 hour nap after that :D (or a double espresso with double whip, hold the double espresso). Love your Abbey Road shot. Say...maybe that powder stuff has something to do with that alien space capsule...just a thought...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie