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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wildcat Park

Greetings to all, it's me - Maggie!  In addition to our walks and playtime, Mom seems to be going into overdrive lately trying to tire me out.  Can you believe that?  It's like she does it on purpose or something.  It's crazy - but, hey, I'm having a lot of fun!  Anyway, we've been doing some exploring in the car and if we find  safe  interesting places, we get out and walk around.  Not too much, as it's gotten hot again.  Anyway, jump in the car with me and I'll show you our latest discovery - Wildcat Park!

Before I get started, for the record and so no one gets their hopes up, I didn't see any wildcats -- purple or otherwise.  I know.  What a cruel hoax!  Anyway - let's roll!

Now that I'm a seasoned traveler, I asked if I could drive. Sadly, the answer was "no".

"I could move the gear shift thingie when you put the clutch in..."

Mom appreciated my offer to help, but said she could handle it. I opted to nap for a while with my head on the emergency brake handle once she released it. (That photo was taken before we backed out of the garage.)

Once we got out into the open, I decided I'd best pay attention.

"Do you know where we are, Mom?"

I wouldn't want Mom to get us lost.

Before too long, Mom turned down a gravel road. We crossed this cool little creek:


That's not Wildcat Creek, but I'm not sure which one it is. It could be Kitten Creek (not to be confused with Little Kitten Creek) or maybe Natalie's Creek. I don't know who Natalie was, but based on the names of the other creeks around here, chances are pretty good that she was a kit-cat.

We also passed this on our way down there:


It's the international sign for "Beware of Cowboys". Ha roo roo roo.

The park is in a pretty isolated place, so Mom didn't think it was a good idea for the two of us to get out and explore. I'm not the Head of Security like Cammie, so I understand. We were interested in what the park was like, though (you have to park 400 yards away from the actual park and walk down a woodsy path), so the next day we got Dad to go with us!

We saw these guys on the way there:


See that guy on the left? Yes. With the grass hanging out of his mouth. Based on my own experiences, I'm surprised my mom didn't roll down her window and tell him to "leave it". I guess the rules are different for cows.

Here's the path Mom, Dad, and I walked down to get to the park:

The path to Wildcat Park.  Note the absence of wildcats.

Doesn't it look cool!?!  I mean other than the lack of cats.

Here I am, a little closer to the park:


I don't know why Mom didn't think she and I should come down here alone! Maybe Cam will want to come next time. We invited her, but she said she wanted to catch some "undisturbed Z time". I have no idea what she means by that, but I made sure I woke her up and told her all about Wildcat Park when we got home!  She said maybe she'll come next time.

Speaking of which ...

"Let's go!"

... who's ready to go again?!?

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Your mom finds the coolest places for you to walk...I wonder why she thinks you need more exercise...bahhahahah
    stella rose

  2. Those are some cool adventures you go on. That is the biggest doggie we ever seen. It must be the large animal side of the dog park
    Lily & Edward

  3. Your Mom sounds like ours - we are always off adventuring in the hopes to tire us out.....it usually works :)

  4. Wow MT you have endless energy. Bet mum is kept fit trying to keep up with you. Great place for a walk and everything looks so lush and green. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. WE saw the COWS... butt NO BOYZ. What's up with THAT?

    AND just WHY can't you drive if you want to? You have a LICENSE. Just sayin.

  6. huh - we have never seen a "beware of cowboy" sign before. we love the look of that shaded path....but better safe than sorry ;)

  7. Maybe your mom is trying to tire herself out with the adventures since it doesn't seem to be tiring you out at all! Maybe next time you'll see a Wildcat!

  8. Mum and Dad are always ruining my good times too Maggs, telling me to leave it or drop it. Cows get to have all the fun.

  9. Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

  10. What a great walk Maggie...we especially like the cows!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo