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Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Cruel Hoax

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie.  Judging from the comments on yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post, you all know what happened - Mom and Dad took us to the "wash your own pup" place.  Only they didn't tell us that was where we were going, of course.  It went something like this ...

"Where are we going?  ... and why do we have our oldest harnesses on?"

As I've mentioned before, I usually have a sixth sense about this type of thing.

"Relax, Cam!  This is going to be great!  I just KNOW it!"

Oh, my optimistic, little Maggie girl!  Before she knew it ...

"What the ... "

Yep.  A bath and a blow dry.  We don't really mind the whole thing, but Mom and Dad should have told us where we were going!

Anyway, Mom didn't get us as dry as she wanted to at the dog wash place, so we finished the process when we got home.  First up - some Crazed River Otter action out on the sunny deck!


We liked that part a lot.  Then Mom got to work with towels and our brushes, while the Kansas wind backed her up.

"I kinda like this part!"
"No comment."
"Just kidding!  I do, too!"

In fact, neither one of us really minds any part of the process - except I didn't like being in that room this time.  Mom said what she likes about the place is using the blower; otherwise it would take forever to dry us.

"Why not order your own?"
"Yeah, then no more going to the dog wash!"

Since a ton of our furs actually come out the day AFTER our baths, Mom thought that would be a splendid idea.  She consulted with our breeder and some other Siberian people and primed one on Amazon; it should get here tomorrow!

"I'm so happy!"
"I still get to be vacuumed, too, though - right, Mom?"

Mom said she'll still use the vac on Mags - she just loves that - but is all excited about having her own blower. And we're happy we'll be able to do all of our grooming stuff here at home now!

That being said, she should have told us where we were going, don't you think?  Do you like being groomed like we do?  It feels so good to be all clean and fluffed out!  Mom says our coats are "bunny-fur soft" now!



  1. Our Mom got a blower and we HATE it. Hate it, hate it, hate it. (Mom likes it, but did I mention that we hate it?) So we have trained Mom to give us baths the day before a grooming, rather than trying to do it all at once. However, Mom is talking about us looking "shaggy" again. I have a bad feeling.... We like being groomed once it is done, but the actual doing it part is not as much fun as was advertised! Heehee! You two look fabulous, btw!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. let us know what that blower looks like, mom needs to vaccum Maggie for sure. (our Maggie) stella rose

  3. Hey, all ladies need some salon time.

  4. Jeeez Louise aka Mag and Cam!!! for sure you need prior knowledge before such an excursion. I mean what if you had a date or there was an important
    TVee program on you would need time to set up the DVR.
    Oh and FYI...this Diva has never had a bath....NOPE...the only water near me is what is in my fountain. Every so often mom will get a warm paper towel to wash of my eye boooooogers but that is it!
    Hugs madi your dry as a bone BFFF

  5. We don't MIND it TOO much.... Esp. since we can be in the TUB TOGETHER.... we have ROBES to wear after our baffs.... Mom just gotted THOSE fur us last weekend.... We like being rubbed with Towels and then OH the Glorious Brushing and Combing....
    BUTT.... we would NEVER let THEM know we like it... RIGHT????
    We think it was VERY MUCH WRONG fur your peeps to NOT TELL YOU you were going to the Soggy Doggy Place... DARN... you didn't have a chance to find your Rubber Squirrelies... THOSE are sooooo fun fur putting in the tub with you. Just sayin.

  6. I've never had a blower used on me. That sounds skeery!! But I don't have all the furs you ladies do. I still think your momma was VERY cruel to spring a BAFF on you as a surprise. Surprises are for things like treats and car rides!

  7. we are self cleaning and intend to keep it that way. maybe some help in the brushing department, but otherwise that's it. we bet the birds love your yard after a good brushing though :) lots of nesting materials

  8. drives should never end with baths

  9. We are so very happy you get to do everything in the comfort of your own home!! Arty and I just had baths this morning, luckily our futs are pretty short (not the beautiful thick sibe furs you have) so we dry lickity split!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. You girls clean up well butt we thought you were beautiful before! We like getting all our grooming done at home too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. We are probably headed to the groomer soon too. Mom would love a blower, but she isn't sure she can handle baths for US - sheesh - what is she trying to say?

    Bet it feels good to lose all that winter coat (from the winter that wasn't).

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. I don't mind getting wet, but I hate being dried.

  13. or at least taken you pups through Sonic after :) our mom would take Wriggley to a place like that. she thought it was worth the price that somebuddy else would clean the tub afterwards :D you two look squeaky clean! we're thankful our kitty-spit shines are sufficient :D

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, aharpie, ditto

  14. Our first rottie, Max, LOVED to be vacuumed. Otto, I'm afraid, is totally scared of it!!

  15. I actually like being groomed, but I go to the groomer since we live in a condo/apt building. My fur is so long and thick it would clog up the drains in the entire building if Mom did it here! DakotasDen

  16. OMD!!!! You gurls look FABulous!!!!! That is so exciting that you are gettin' your very own dryer!!! I've never been dried with one of those befores! Then again, I don't have very long furs, so I just use the furniture to dry off on...hehehehehehe Anyhu, I can't say I HATE the water torture, butts I don't loves it. I REALLY don't likes my tail and hinnie trimmed with the shaver though..and I lets Ma know with a well placed growl ☺ yeah, she knows I"m just kiddin', butts I wants her to know to hurry up! You gurls are lucky, you don't needs to get the trims! You look FABulous with a brush out! JEALOUS!
    Ruby ♥

  17. I have never been to a dog wash place, unless you count the bath tub in our house. I do not get blow dried either, my furs almost dry all the way all by it's self in like 87 seconds. I don't mind getting washed, well not to much. But momma has onlywashed me twice. You girls look beautiful and bunny fluffy beautiful.

  18. Use our blower regularly. The range of participation is from love it - do it more (Cheoah), that's pretty good (Q-Tip, Natasha, Kiska, Frankie), to don't you dare get near me or I will scream (Typhoon).

    Don't be like Typhoon.

  19. You girls both look as soft as velvet! Word has it that I'm getting groomed tomorrow. Bleh!

  20. OH NO! The horror of bath time AND a blower???? When will the madness end?