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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sticking Close

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  Our mom's been gone all week for Jury Duty.  Sure, Dad was here with me and Cam, but we missed Mom like crazy!  We're doing a lot of this now:

Mom and me

It's been a long week for all of us!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Your mom did an impawtent job butt it's a good thing she's back home now!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. So sorry to hear that. My Mom's not been called here in Chicagoland. Where she lived before she would get excused as they weren't too keen having an LEO with a her particular pee h dee on the jury- she said prosecuting attorney's didn't like her and would chuckle.

    I hope your mom is home SOON.
    Abby Lab

  3. Oh no, having mom gone is just no good.

  4. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my word Mom-less for a week. I cannot even begin to imagine how you ladies and your Dad managed.
    We hope and purr the jury duty is over.
    Mom rec'd her first jury summons on Jan. 5th, (it was also the week she turned 30 years old way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth 38 years ago). Mom was excited until she learned the first week of January and the first week of July 9 Grand Jury members were selected. OMCs out of 75 jurors Mom's name was one of the 9 selected in January. She had to serve every other Monday for a year. When the year was up the judge told the jurors they would probably never receive another summons. MOL mom rec'd one 3 months later but when she told them she had just gotten off Wake Co. grand jury they released her. About 10 years ago she rec'd another one but the case was settled out of court. Hopefully she is TOOOOOOOOO old now.

    hugs madi your bfff

  5. Awwww hoping Mom is home to stay now! DakotasDen

  6. We hope your mom finishes up with jury duty soon!

  7. We're glad your mom is all yours now. At least she shouldn't have to serve on another jury for a while.

  8. Jury duty is so impawtant!
    Your Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  9. Hopefully she'll be back soon! :)

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  10. Whew!! We are so glad she is home and things are getting back to normal!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. You look worried, but your mom will return soon!