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Thursday, January 05, 2017

What A Great Day!

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie!  I've had such a great, busy day today - and it's only lunchtime!

It started much like any other day - up before dawn with Dad, a little snoozing with Mom, then we all got up.  Normal.  EXCEPT:  #1, I didn't get any snacks or breakfast and #2, it SNOWED!  Sort of a bad news, good news thing, right?  Then Dad took me on a short walk, without Cam or Mom. That was odd.  And I smelled breakfast on Cam's breath when I got home.  Hmm!  THEN, after a while, Mom and I got into the HR-V!  I thought maybe we were going birding, but no!  We went to the vet's!  How exciting!  I love the people there!

Apparently it didn't just snow at our house, there was snow there, too.

"How COOL!  I wonder if this is just for me?!?!"

Mom asked me to jump up on the bench and strike a pose:

"Got it, Mom!  Oooh!  People!"

I love to people-watch!  Mom neglected to specify the whole "look at the camera" part. Besides, I was not offered any treats!

I had my appointment -- routine stuff -- and my most wonderful doctor gave me treats. See? They love me there. Then the student gave me treats, too. It was great. I think I got a shot and a blood test, but who knows. I got treats.  My student said I could stand to gain a few pounds, but other than that, I was good to go.  Awesome.

After that, Mom said she and I had been invited out for coffee! Wowzers! How awesome is that?!?!

We met up with a very wonderful new friend and hit the coffee shop.

"A double espresso, please!"
"With extra caffeine!"

Yeah, well, actually, I didn't get to have coffee.  I did get a few treats Mom had brought with us, though, so that was cool.  I also got lots of loving and got to meet more people. It was great!  I think I'm pretty good at this "going out for coffee" thing!

"Hey, Mom.  How about some Gatorade for the ride home?"

We also went to our new friend's office and she gave me a KSU bandana -- and one for Cam, too!  I also got a purple KSU tennis ball!  I'll show that to you later.  For now, here are a couple shots of me and the Cam-a-roo in our cool, new bandanas!

"Look, Maggie!  Mom has treats!"
"How about a head-tilt?"

If only she had offered me a treat for sitting on that snowy bench ... right?

"Many thanks for our pretty bandanas, Kristin!"
"And the tennis ball and coffee!"

Well, again.  Not that I got to have coffee -- but Mom did.  In fact, I'm getting mighty sleepy now.  I think lunch and a nap are on the immediate horizon.  

I hope your day is going as great as mine!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. OMD are you telling us that you LIKE to go to the Dogtor???? WE hate it...
    OMD YOU had Snow TOO???? Enjoy it... that is one OTHER thingy that WE don't like much...

  2. Dogsters should be rated #1 when they give treats. Yippee for the snow
    Lily & Edward

  3. Maggie what a way to start a day and to have it end with new places and friends and fun and YOU GOT snow.
    We're supposed to get some here in NC starting tomorrow night -Saturday. They aren't sure how much. But then 2" is a lot for us.
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. We get like 2" of thick snow in a couple of hours here in Sweden - it's absolutely unbearable!

      Sounds like a great day, Maggie. Mine sure hasn't been as good :)

      /Adam - The Doggy Institute

  4. Snow! Pawsome! We are sorry you didn't get fed right away though.

  5. Snow and Puppicino!!!! Oh it just doesn't get any better does it Maggie….butt it did….you got TREATS and pawsome bandanas and a tennis ball
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Miss Maggie, I saw on FB that you met a new friend and seemed to hit it off well. I'm impressed you could go into the coffee house-that says a lot about your town. So glad you were such a good patient at the vet and that they were so gracious to you.
    Enjoy that snow!
    Noreen and Hunter

  7. Misty is going to have one of those no breakfast days in a few weeks as she has to get "fixed". We both think she is just fine as she is, nothing seems to be broken:)

    We got snow too, just two inches, but we have had fun outside in it today.

    Glad the vet visit went well.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. what a pawfect day!! Love those bandanas!! DakotasDen

  9. sharpie, pip, and our mom like their coffee black. the rest of us prefer coffee with a double shot of cream and hold the coffee :)
    looks like a pawsome day, Maggie! and SNOW! we hope you had time in your busy day for snow zoomies. you and Cammie look great in your new bandananas.

    pip, smidge, minnie, hollie,sharpie, ditto

  10. What a totally fantabulous day Maggie! We love your new bandanas too!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. Don't you just love it when the vet tells you to eat more! What a fun day you had, Maggie! You girls look beautiful in your purple bandanas!

  12. What a great day! I'm glad you like going to the vet and it's not too stressful for you--and I'm mostly glad that you are OK! I love snow, too, and we are finally supposed to get some here tonight and tomorrow. We are so excited!! Love the bandannas on you and Cammie.

  13. Wow, what an amazing day! Snow and treats and new friends!

  14. we think purple is your color!! what an interesting adventure....and if you need to put on a few pounds, that means more treats, right??

  15. Gain a few pounds! You are so lucky, we are supposed to loose a few pounds which is not fun at all.