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Monday, September 10, 2018


Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie!  As you all know, Cammie and I aren't just sisters (and niece/aunt), but we're also the bestest of friends!  I also have another BFF - sort of my neighborhood BFF!

Chelsea is a Border Collie and she lives on the next street over.  When we're out on our walks, we can sense each other coming from about a block away!  I start walking really tall and perked up, and she does this cool Border Collie low crawl thing.  It's awesome!  Anyway, so there Cam and I were the other morning ...

"What a great morning, huh, Cam?!?"
"It's wonderful!  I feel a little chill in the air!"

Me?  I felt something else!  I felt like ... my Chelsea detector was going off!  I knew she was out there, heading toward us!  And sure enough, after we rounded the corner ... 

"CHELSEA!!!  Play bows, my friend!"

We just love each other and love it when our parents let us stop and visit with each other!

"Ooh.  This grass is cold on my belly!"
"How 'bout a nose bump?"

That walk was beyond wonderful.  What could be better than running into my BFF on our walk?  How about running into her TWICE on our loop around the neighborhood!  Wowzers, how fun!

I should add - Cam and Chelsea like each other, too, but Cam doesn't get as excited to see her as I do!  Do you have a neighborhood BFF?

I hope your weekend was as great as mine!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Haroo to you! I love it that you have a neighborhood BFF. Hunter's moved away but I have three gals I walk with that are my besties.
    Wags, Noreen

  2. Ohh, Chelsea looks like such a pawesome furiend!! I almost never see other pups on our walks, but there's a few in their yards that we walk by. There's one fluffy dog -- I can't see it completely to see what the breed is! -- who likes to lay with its body pressed up against the gap at the bottom of the fence. Then we can play a fun game when I walk by of me sniffing at it and it jumping up with a big skeery bark that makes Momma jump. BOL!

  3. We think your pawrents should arrange a play date so you and Chelsea can play CROG. It would probably work best if you did it outside though.

  4. Awww, so nice that you have a friend! We have friends in our park too that we love to say hello to. But Kiki sometimes sees a border collie that she doesn't like one bit and she lets him know it! So, I like that at least you are nice to border collies because Kiki sure isn't.

    Your friend Nala

  5. That's so sweet! Furriends are very impawtant.

  6. It's so much fun meeting up with friends on walkies! I love meeting up with Rocky and his mom and Maggie and Nicky and their dad!

  7. Chelsea looks like a sweet girl. We have a few friends we meet on our walks too. Misty always behaves, but Lightning gets WAY too excited:)


  8. it is always good to be able to see your friends and neighbors on walks :)

  9. Your pal Chelsea looks like a FABulous furiend!!! I don't thinks I've ever met a Border Collie befores! She seems like a fun gal. I don't have a BFF, butts the Lab on the corner likes to bark at me, and I likes that it gets him in troubles! BOL!!! Well, he says I gots a fat butt, so I thinks it's karma, rights???
    Ruby ♥