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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Super Floof And Super Thankful

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  Sunday morning, before it got too hot out, Mom used the Master Blaster blower on me.  My floof came out by the bucketloads!

Me!  Polargold's Margaret Thatcher, Super Floofed!

She blasted me for about an hour, then gave up.  I mean called it "good enough for now".  Whatever.  My floof flew all over the west side of town and I still have plenty left!  She spent a little time on Cam's coat, too, but Cam doesn't really have the floof I do right now!

Speaking of whom, Cam had one of her 3-month routine checkups with the Oncology team yesterday.  Can you believe it's been over a year since her surgery and since she started her Chemotherapy treatments?!?!  They like to re-do X-rays, ultrasound, and blood work every 3 months just to make sure something hasn't kicked back up.

Here she is in the waiting room of the Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center:

Cam relaxing on her quilt at the vet's

She was a very good girl for all of her tests - and then the wonderful Dr. Coffee gave Mom the good news -- no significant changes since last time!  YAY!!!!!!  We are so thankful once again for the kind, caring, professional people at the KSUVHC and for all they do.

Have a great day, everyone!  Day 85,753 of the Great Remodel of 2018 here.  We don't have a functioning shower, toilet, or sink in there yet, but we do have a door!  This week could bring big things, though.

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Hooray for a good checkup and super floof!!

  2. WooHoo Cammie what a wonderful post of good news and I expect you made 87 new friends at the Vet's Clinic too.

    MOL "Day 85,753 of the Great Remodel of 2018 here". That tickled mom's funny bone. A door up is a good news. It means all the big impawtant stuff is in place.
    Hugs madi yur bfff

  3. YAY for good news for Cam. Glad your mom got some coat blown off...especially if it is as hot there as it is here.

  4. That is wonderful news to hear about Cammie. For some reason Lightning is going through a big blowing of his coat right now too. Mom thinks all the rain and humidity have something to do with it. What a soggy day today is!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. You look so lovely, and so in command of all you survey. And a door... well, actually we hate doors, being feline, but mom says that's progress, so yeaaa!

  6. Glad for the good vet news. Umm are your peeps using the outside since you have no toilet?

    1. Ha roo roo roo!!! No, they do have other functioning toilets in the house, just not the one in the master bathroom!

  7. That is awesome news about Cammie! You must feel so much better with less floof, Maggie!

  8. We already celebrated Cam's good news on Facebook but it's still exciting. This remodel is taking FOREVER!

  9. WoooHooooo! That is FABulous news Cam! I thinks there needs to be some CROG to celebrate!
    Oh Maggie you look most regal there all floofed! You knows, our neighbor has a Sibe and she is starting to blow her coat, cause we are getting some over the fence! BOL!!!!
    Ruby ♥

  10. So glad for a good report for Cammie! You look very pretty all floofed up Maggie! A door...that's progress, hope the rest is complete before another 85,753 days go by. nose nudges Belle Pup

  11. What great news about Cammie! We know how miserable it can be when your house is getting remodeled. Just remember is will be done some time.

  12. We are thrilled that you got a great report Cammie! And the great remodel project is winding up we hope!

    Kiki and Nala