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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Serene Scenery Sunday

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Since yesterday I promised birdie pix from one of our recent trips down to Quivira NWR, I'll post those today.  What is REALLY serene right now, though, is that we are in the midst of a blizzard!  It's been blowing and snowing since about 0630 this morning and isn't expected to stop until late afternoon or so.  Isn't that wonderful?*

Let's get to our trip!  These photos were all taken on the 6th of November.

"We're going to Quivira?!?"
"Umm ... isn't it raining?!?"

It was indeed raining, but it was expected to be clearer down there (the refuge is quite a way from Ao4 Headquarters!), then stop altogether.

On the way down, we saw fields full of murmuring birds.  If you'd like to see the vid Mom shot (through the rain, the windshield, and with the iPhone) please click here.  It's not great, but it's the best we could do at the time.

As you could see, the rain was starting to break up.  In fact, when we got down to Quivira ...

The skies clearing over Quivira NWR!

The first birdies we saw were American Avocets:

"Got something!"

They usually leave in October, and when we went back last week, they were gone.  Safe travels!

Mom was very excited to see this small bird:

Loggerhead Shrike

The Loggerhead Shrike was a "lifer" for her -- one she saw for the first time!  Can you see how his upper bill is shaped like a hawk's?  They are known as "butcher birds" and impale their prey on long thorns.  I guess I should move on, in keeping with the "serene" theme here ...

Also perched high up on a dead branch was this dove-sized falcon:

American Kestrel

The blue wings, as opposed to rufous, are an indicator that it's a male.

While we're on birds of prey - we saw a handful of Bald Eagles!  A group of four immature eagles was putting on quite the show for us!  Take a look:




Aren't they magnificent?!?!  The eagles are following the food source:

Snow Geese

Mom is "ahem"-ing at me.  Apparently discussing the food chain isn't suitable for Serene Scenery Sunday.

Moving right along ...

We watched this heron:

Great Blue Heron

He swooped in quickly, then hid in the reeds.

We saw Mom's very favorite duck:

❤️❤️ THE Northern Shoveler!!!  ❤️❤️
"Hey, Camera Lady!"

... and her second favorite duck:

❤️ The Ruddy Duck ❤️

He doesn't get as many hearts or capital letters as the Shoveler.  Apparently.

We saw several other types of ducks, to include this one:

Female Canvasback Duck

Despite the rain and clouds, it was a mighty wonderful trip!

"Hey, Maggie!  Do you want to play word games on the way home?!?"
"So many birds!  So many, many birds!"

To see our complete album on FlickR, please click here.

Thanks for coming with us!


*The views expressed by Siberian Huskies concerning blizzards do not necessarily represent those of their photographer/editor.  Ahem.


  1. Such gorgeous birdies and duckies and we love the clearing sky photo! We hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, girls!

  2. We saw some reports on the news about your blizzard. As long as you are staying home it seems like we would enjoy being in a blizzard too. We are expected to get more snow this week too. We loved all your birdie pictures.

  3. Beautiful birds!!! We wonder what they thought about all the snow!!! Mom says she hopes winter is done now, but we told her winter hasn't even started yet:) She adds that it has been a nightmare trying to walk Lightning through the drifts. Misty and Timber think it is just like being in heaven.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. It sure was a fabulous trip. I love the Kestrel. I saw one once in my life. They are SO cool. And the Snow Geese!!! I've never seen those but there were reportedly 150 over our house when we weren't home :(

    Enjoy our snow!!!

  5. We love the bird photos and we always learn a little bit about birds we are not familiar with! AND we are SO excited to hear you are having a blizzard!! You two are the luckiest huskies ever! (We are just having cold, cold rain here which is Mom's least favorite weather to walk us in...)Send your snow our way after you are done with it!

    Kiki and Nala

  6. Oh wow, a blizzard! How exciting! I haven't seen snow yet, but I'm hoping we'll get some this winter.