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Monday, May 06, 2019

Say Cheese!

Greetings to all! It's me, Maggie!  This weekend, we went on a super fun walk!  We took a route where we could either turn right to go on a medium/normal length walk, or keep going straight and take a long one.  Here's where we had to decide:

"Your choice, Cam!"
"Let's go to the park!"
"Awesome choice, Cam!  And look!  A slimy puddle you could step in!"

We usually let Cam decide.  She was totally game for a longer walk!

For the record, I jumped over the puddle; Cam ... did not.

Here we are in the park:

Me and Cam, in perfect step!

We practically had the place to ourselves; it was great!

At the junction of the big road and Hudson Trail, we stopped for a quick pose by some Irises:

"Smile, girls!"
"Yeah, whatever."
"I'm so happy, I can't help but smile!"

Mom asked us to please look at her - and promised a reward when we got home if we did.  I was in such a good mood, I couldn't help but cooperate:

"I don't think cheese is on my prescription diet, but ... CHEESE!"
"Close enough!"

We both got a Frozen Stinky Goodness Treat when we got home, so that's a big win!

We hope you're enjoying some cool Spring weather and nice walks!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Those iris are beautiful and of course so are you two.

  2. What a beautiful walk you had! Everything is so lush and pretty! And a treat too! Nothing better than that!

    Your friend Kiki

  3. our irises aren't in bloom quite yet....and eww to the slimy puddle

  4. What a fun walk you had! Every time our mommy sees purple iris she thinks of her Grandma from Manhattan. She's smiling at the memory.

  5. You girls have the most beautiful walks! I love the two of you posing with the beautiful Irises!

  6. It's autumn here and getting colder! Rambo's walk this morning was 7 degrees. I stayed in bed.

  7. See, sometimes it pays to smile nice even if there aren't treats in sight!