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Friday, October 16, 2020

Missed It By THAT Much

 Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags.  Another great walk, another great day in the fabulous state of Kansas.  And had we actually been walking East, we would have had this view:


But ... we didn't go that way. Mom stopped and snapped that quickly at the intersection before we turned the other way.

We still had a pretty view on parts of our walk:

"Look at those clouds, Mags!"
"They're from the cold front!!!"

That's right - another cold front! It was in the upper 30s for the start of our walk -- Mom had to put on a sweatshirt and gloves! When we got to a gated area, Mom wanted us to jump up on the wall and strike a pose for her. Jumping up was no sweat ...

"I think Mom wanted us to look at the camera, Maggie."
"I have treats!"
"And you have my undivided attention."
"You should have said earlier!"

Still a pretty sky in the background ... just not the "sky on fire" shot from earlier!

Happy Friday to one and all!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. That sure was an amazing sunrise. You two posed nicely for your mom when you knew she had treats.

  2. What a beautiful money shot for Mom!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. If you were in the picture you would make the sunset look pale by comparison.

  4. Anonymous3:59 AM

    wit and glory! beautiful. as always. xo

  5. OMD, that is sooooo purty!!!! And we are SO JEALOUS! It's been in the mid 90's all week! Can I come overs??? I'll bring the margaritas!
    Ruby ♥