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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Playing Cricket

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags.  Ragnar and I went on a great walk this morning - oh, the weather was Siberian terrible/biped ideal -- sunny and in the 60s.  But we had such FUN!  Come on along and let me show you!

Before heading down the water tower trail, I stopped to admire the sunrise:

"Oh, nice!"

Truth be told, I was enjoying the aroma from the garbage truck that just went down the street, but ... yeah, whatever.  Here we are on the water tower trail:

Me and Ragnar!

In addition to being warm, it was very windy. Check out the fur-nado on the back of my neck in this next shot:

Me and Raggi again; check out my fur-nado!

All kinds of great things were blowing by! I saved us from being attacked by a tumbleweed and countless leaves!

"That leaf will never bother anyone again!"
"Way to save the day, Mags!"

We did a little exploring:

"Wait a minute.  Is that tumbleweed following us?!?"
"Hi, Mom."

You can never be too sure with those things. 

We headed back to the sidewalk by the golf course, where Ragnar and I played one of our favorite games.

"Got one in my sights!"
"Me, too!"
"You guys... !!!"
"I missed mine!"
"Margaret THATCHER!" 

I love it when Mom uses my full name.  It usually means I'm doing something extremely fun!

"I think I'm up, 2-1, Ragnar!"

Did I mention we were playing Cricket?  And what I really mean is playing a little "catch and release" game with crickets.  Great sport!  I'm surprised it's not televised more in the US!  Ragnar and I LOVE playing!

"That was a great round of Cricket, Mags!  Here comes another tumbleweed!"
"I'm totally ready!"

An incredibly fun walk!  Oh!  And great news on the weather front - even though it has already hit 80 today, we're supposed to get snow on Sunday.  Isn't Kansas fun?!?

Thanks for coming along on our walk!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Cricket sounds like a super fun game to play while on a walk. You two have so much fun together.

  2. Smells are always at their best in the morning.

  3. Ragnar and Maggie you 2 are as handsome going as coming...
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. You two have the best time on your walks!!