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Sunday, October 04, 2020

Special Announcement!

 Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  Normally, Maggie and I would do a Serene Scenery Sunday post today, but we have a special announcement that made us feel all kinds of serene - so we thought we'd share!  Maggie and I are Ambassadors!  I mean, she's still a Prime Minister and all, but now we're Ambassadors, too!

The good people over at CTC Dog Gear, where we buy all of our really cool harnesses, asked us to be CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors!  How cool is that?!?  We have a special patch to wear on our harnesses -- like the NEW ONES Mom just got for us!

"Check these out!"
"Let's take these babies for a test drive!"

They just came yesterday and we couldn't wait to try them out. Mom made the matching leads!

"They feel really good!"
"Look good, feel good!"

After a short jaunt down the street, we posed for some shots back at Ao4 Headquarters.  Don't worry - Mom had treats!

"Get a good shot of the Ambassador patch, Mom!"
"You DO have treats ... right?!!?"

I got to do a solo shot.  I did my best to show off the harness!

"How's this, Mom?"
"Perfect, Ragnar!"

Mags and I both love blue.  Doesn't it look great on both of our coats?!?

Mags and me

We also went with black hardware.  We think it looks extra cool!  Mom even bought some for our leashes!

Mags and me, porch-posing

We're so happy with our new harnesses -- here's the money shot!

"My name is Polargold's Einherjar -- Ragnar to my friends -- and I'm proud to be a CTC Dog Gear Ambassador!"
"And I'm Polargold's Margaret Thatcher, also proud to be a CTC Dog Gear Ambassador.  But I'm still the Prime Minister."

"I don't think your Prime Ministership was ever in doubt, Maggie."
"I sure hope not.  Dang, you look great in blue, Raggi!"

We can't wait to show off our new harnesses on our long walks!  We went on a really messy route this morning, so we didn't wear them.  Even though they clean off really well, Mom didn't want to break them in quite that much just yet!

Do you get real happy about new harnesses, collars, and leashes?!?  We know they mean even more really cool adventures!



  1. Super cool! We don't know any Ambassadors, well, until now! Can you show us the underside of those harnesses sometime too? Somedog here is curious.

  2. You two look great in your new harnesses. Do you wear the same size? We were wondering since you have the same color how do you tell each other's apart? How cool that you are ambassadors now too.

  3. LOVE that color on you both!

  4. concats you two! you will both be pawsome ambassadogs! the new harnesses look great and that is a very nice color blue. our wriggley was more into harnesses, leashes, and such gear than we kitties are :) can't wait to see the new gear on upcoming adventures :)

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  5. CTC Dog Gear USA is proud that Maggie and Ragnar represent our brand. Thank you all!

  6. That is fantastic. We can tell people we knew you when.

  7. OMD, you two look FABulous!!!!! I wear a slip harness, cause Ma says I am uncontrollable without it, butts since I'm *cough, cough* older, I don't pull as much, so she think maybe these might work! I told her to check them out! thanks guys!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Blue is definitely your color on both of you!

  9. Wow, Your Excellencies, they sure chose grreat ambassadogs!

  10. Very sharp! Those look like awesome harnesses! And you two are sooooo photogenic! Great job, we'll look for you in commercials & ads, too!