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Monday, December 07, 2020


Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar.  Since we didn't do a Serene Scenery Sunday post this week, we thought we'd sort of do that today - some highlights from different walks we've taken lately.  The highlights, if you will.  Ready to take a look?

Speaking of "highlights", he we are at sunrise in the park:

"Ooooh, pretty, huh, Mags?!!?"

Not only do Maggie and I both LOVE to try to snarf down acorns, but where there are acorns, there are usually squirrels!  What a win-win!

"I think there are more acorn trees up ahead, Ragnar!"
"I think you're right, Mags!"

That was a great walk.  I believe it was the one our mom called "The Day of 1000 Squirrels".  I can't remember.  I just know Maggie and I had a blast!

Here we are on Mom's favorite part of Hudson Trail:

Me and Mags

And here we are on my favorite part of Hudson Trail on another day:

"This is great!  All of our friends are out!"
"Hi, you guys!!!"

There are pups on both sides who always bark very friendly greetings.  One of the Labs usually brings a toy over to show us - what a friendly guy!

This next shot has gotten a lot of love on FaceBook:

"Hi, Mom!"
"Hi, Ragnar!"
"Whatever, you two.  Somebody's coming!"

Don't let Maggie fool you.  I may do a lot of looking back to say hi to Mom and occasionally stop to give her a hug, but so does she!  She loves to put her paws on Mom's shoulders and even gives kisses during that walk.  (Then tries to BOOM me, but that's another story ...)

Anyway ...

Here we are on yet another day, posing at the trailhead:

Me and Mags, looking pensive

And our last highlight for now ... this is from this morning:

"Ha roo!"
"Good GIRL, Mags!  Ragnar?!?"

I was so torn!  Mom had treats, but there was a very noisy truck going by and I felt it was my duty to stare at it!

I hope you enjoyed our photo highlights!  Sure beats being in a Santa hat.



  1. Oh wow, those are sure some beautimous sunrise shots!

  2. It must be awfully cold on those early morning walks.

  3. OMD, I LOVED the photos gurls!!!! And we gots FOUR acorn trees in our back yardie! it drives Ma nuts (bol!!!!) cause the frickin' tree rats take a bite outta the acorns and drop all of them in the yardie. Where Ma has to clean them up. I used to try and gets them,, butts they just annoy me nows that I'm older....they hurt to step on!
    Anyhu, thanks for the pawsome pics! they sure were serene!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Those sure were some great highlights of your walks. You both look great in that early morning sun.