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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Serene Scenery Sunday

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  I hope all of you had a great Christmas!  Maggie and I sure did!  Guess what we got to do right after breakfast?!?  Go to The Top Of The World!!!  I had Mom take lots of pictures so we could take you with us. Ready?!?  It was cold, so bundle up!

Here we are out on the trail:

"What a great Christmas gift, huh, Mags?!?!"
"The BEST, Ragnar!"

   Here's a cool action shot of Maggie:


Mom liked how the light was filtering through the grasses! We took one of the curvy paths to get up to the top ...

"Wow!  There are a bunch of ways to get up here!"
"I liked going up that cliff face best!"

   ... and before we knew it, we were at The Top Of The World!

"What a VIEW!!"
"I think I can see Colorado!"

 We walked the length of the top trail ...


... then down the dusty road to the lookout point:


Remember the other day when Maggie posted a really cool shot of herself at the cliff just past the lookout? Mom said she and I could walk down there if I went slowly. It's super rocky and there are steep drops on both sides of the narrow path:

"Good boy, Ragnar!"
"Slow and steady, Mom!"

   Mom even shot some video!  (If it doesn't load, please click here to watch on YouTube!)


It's really beautiful up there!  Here I am at the very edge:

Me, Polargold's Einherjar, the mighty Viking explorer!!!!

On the way back, we took a different route; that park has really cool trails that we're still exploring!

"This is so cool!"
"The sun's making the frost all sparkly!"

We even found a new-to-us Trippy-Trap Bridge!

"A Trippy-Trap Bridge!"
"Let's check for trolls!!!"

There weren't any trolls under that one, either, but we checked just to make sure!  You just never know!

Thanks for coming along - we hope you enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  We just love it up there!




  1. That looked like a great place for a walk. How cool that you got to explore a new area too.

  2. wow! on top of the world! nice little video! thanks for sharing with us! xo

  3. Lovely view and so glad you didn't fall off the edge of the world.