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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

I Think I Have "The Gift", Too!

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar.  We didn't get to go on a walk this morning due to an ice storm, but yesterday we went on a great one to The Top Of The World.  We took a little bit different route to get there.  We went out to the big road, up to where Hudson Trail starts!

"Mags!  We get to walk the whole length of Hudson Trail!"
"This is so awesome!!!"

There are so many interesting smells along Hudson Trail; it's one of our favorite places!  Before too long, we got to the "open prairie" part of the trail.  Here's Mags:

"We should go all the way to The Top Of The World!"

"Great idea, Mags!  Let's hope Mom and Dad buy into it!"
"Oh, they will.  They can't say 'no' to me.  Especially Dad."

And she was right!  We hooked into the Washington Marlatt trails, then went down the road to hook into the trails that lead up to The Top Of The World!

"How do you get Dad to say 'yes' all the time, Mags?"
"It's one of my magical gifts.  It'll work for you, too.  Try it!"

"The woods are that way.  Oh, I hope we get to walk through the woods!"
"Me, too.  I love the woods!"

Dad said we needed to take a different route on the way out due to a guy with a loose dog, so we headed up one of the other paths to get to the top.  I totally understood that - but I was hoping we could do the woods on the way home.

Action shot of me and Maggie!

We got to the top and had a good look around:

"I think I can see Missouri!  Our homeland, Mags!"
"I'm looking at Colorado!"

Then Mags said to try again, asking about going through the woods.  At first, Dad didn't want to go that way because he said "certain members of the family go crazy in there" and there are all kinds of roots to trip over.  Huh.  We all know I walk really nicely on a lead, so I'm assuming he meant the girls - Mags and Mom.  Anyway, I summoned all my powers ...

"Oh, please, Dad!  Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please!"

Then he said that if I was good, we could go on the woodsy path!

"Me?  I'm Ragnar Jimmysson.  I'm always good!"

So we headed down the hill, and when we got to the turn-off for the path into the woods ... Dad said, "YES!"


Sorry the picture isn't the best.  Mom must have been acting up or something. But how cool is that?!?  Maggie was right -- I have the same magical gift she does!  This is awesome!  I promise to only use my powers for good.  Mostly.



  1. Ragnar, you are special indeed. Don't you hate it when there are loose dogs around? Drives our Mom nuts.

    We had ice this morning too, with just a tiny bit of snow:(

    I didn’t go. I didn’t hear anything from her, either from my email or phone call. I am scheduled for Thursday noon and hope I don’t have to cancel again.

  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    LOL! oh I just love you BOTH. and yes. you surely must have magical powers! they call it LOVE. XOXO

  3. We're glad you learned that you have magic powers too, Ragnar. That woods looks like a cool place to walk. Did you find anything interesting in there?

  4. What a great walk. I loved the view from the Top of the World.

  5. It's impawtant for a dog to be able to wrap his (or her) human around their paw!

  6. Ice storms are not good. Lady has icers for her boots so unless it is really, really bad we can go. Love all your walks!