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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Serene Sunday

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar. Today, Mags and I have a few pix of some of the more serene moments from the week. Our first shot was on a route we haven't walked in a while - we get great views of the sunrises at the top of this hill:
"Oooh, fog and the sunrise!"
"I think we have the makings of another scorcher out here today; glad we're walking early!"

We helped our mom do some watering in the backyard this week, which was very relaxing:
"That bunny better not even THINK about it!"
"Oh, bunny-schmunny, Ragnar!  Live and let live!"

I'm not sure about her sometimes!

And of course, there is always our work in Mom's Studio:
"Must ... hold up ... the shelving unit ..."
"No one's getting through here!"

We're Working Breed pups; we're at our most serene when we're working!



  1. That was one very pretty sunrise. Hope your walks haven't been too hot this week. Lee and Phod

  2. It's hard to stay serene when a bunny is thinking of coming in your yard isn't it, Ragnar?

  3. You are following the golden road of unlimited devotion.