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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Woo, everypup and kitty, it's me - Dave! Mom and Dad made the plunge finally and got iPods. Stormy's been helping Mom figure out how to use it, since she's smart about stuff. I was concerned about what music she'd upload - so I started checking it out.


Lots of my favs have been uploaded: Sergio Mendes, Capercaille, Matt Bianco (Zimmie likes this one best ... I like it when Basia woos with them!) -- cool! She even bought Paolo Nutini's song "New Shoes" from iTunes because we like to hear it on Dana's blog when we visit! Woo.

Then yesterday Storm said they were uploading some old Steely Dan songs! I had to get involved and make sure Mom added my favorite Steely Dan song! Look, here it is!

It's a great song! They didn't spell "Woo" right, though.

"...Are you with me, Doctor Woo?..."

I'll be in the bedroom listening to some tunes, if anypuppy needs me!



  1. WOO Dave! Isn't the muWOOSic fun? Our humans don't have iPods but huMom has a Sandisk Sansa she likes to use at the gym. Is your Dad going to get the Nike+ to use with the iPod?

    Woooooo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  2. Mum is so jealous now because she doesn't have an iPod. The eldest bean won a PS3 and doesn't want it so she is going to sell it and buy an iPod Touch.. Mum went a lovely shade of emerald! Even the 10yr old bean gets one before her hahahaha
    Poor Mum, I guess one day when Dad stops buying Motorbikes and the kids stop wanting Nintendo Wii's and bikes etc she may get her very own iPod.. oh wait.. thats never hahaha

    Nice choice of music too, just to rub her nose in it even more,

    you guys rock!

    Ben xxxx

  3. Mom's got an iPaw a long time ago, we can see our favorite programs and moovies. But, Doctor Wu???? What is that?

  4. Oh my mom loves Basia -

    Thanks fur reminding her she should find some -

    Time and Tide!

    Enjoy groovin' and wooin'
    Until somebuddi starts sayin'
    Play that funki musikh SibeBoy!


  5. Wow, Your mom and dad figured out how to put music in those little things?! Mom is impressed. Mom also loves Steely Dan. However, she obviously lacks culture in certain musical areas because she had no idea what those others were. Oh well,what can I say, she got to go all over the world like you guys did with her Dad(AF) and ex husband (Army). She does love some rousing Greek music tho! She misses traveling and so does Grandma. Do y'all?
    We've been back in TX over 20 yrs. Yep we're Natives,were born here. Way off the subject of the moment! Mom does seem to let "thoughts" wander. Ha
    Good for you and the ipod!

  6. Well geez, of course I knew sergio mandez. I hd even heard that 2nd song. not the rest tho. SOOOO,not totally hopeless. Still like Syeely Dan the best!



  7. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Dave.... WU (I mean WOO) are so cute with your iPod! I am so impressed. I am glad Storm assisted your mom in the setting up.

  8. Congwatulations on getting one..isn't it fun???
    I have to go listen to the Woosong...I wondew why they can't spell?
    Mommi loves Basia fwom way back..we also love Cesaria Evora and lots of stuff
    have a gweat time listening
    smoochie kisses

  9. Those ipods are great! Maybe it will make walkies even longer for you if they have some tunes along!

  10. I-Pods! Woo! Don't forget to remind Mom to upload your bewootiful woos. How could she possibly leave home without that music??

  11. my mommy has an ipod nano like that. she listens to it at work to keep her sane.

    she also LOVES capercaille and other celtic artists.

  12. Harrrrrr Dave
    looks like you are ahead of Lisa the Mean she still has not got one Harrrrrr. She is depriving me of new tech Harrrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  13. Hi, Dave!
    My mom is not a big fan of music so she does not have an ipod!
    But we listened your music and it is nice!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. My mum has two iPods. So does dad. They are both mad.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  15. HEY COOL!

    You got a iPawd and i got a Schmako-Berry!

    We are the COOOOOLEST dawgs on the internet Σ:o)

    Luv C$

  16. What a great toy for a rainy day, Dave!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Wow Dave! You are far more technologically advanced than me. I don't have an iPod and fear I wouldn't even know what to do with it. Rock on dude!

  18. Dave,
    I love how your Mom color coordinated her IPOD to woo.

    Princess Eva

  19. iPodders! Mum and Dad have iPodders too... they love them... they finally gave in and bought them too...

    We blogged a little bit about you pals... we miss you, we'll be catching up with ya'll soon!


    M & I

  20. Shouldn't you have those ear things inside your ears? That's what Mom does. Maybe your Super Siberian Hearing allows you to hear the music without earbuds.


  21. WOO WOO Dave

    You are so lucky - Mom hides her Ipod from us! How did you convince your Mom to let you listen to hers?

    Thor and Marco Polo